About Me

am a transplanted Florida native, married to a Major in the US Army - makes for an interesting life!! I'm a stay-at-home mother of 3 desiring to honor my Lord Jesus Christ in all I do as I grow in His grace. I tend to have a fairly serious dispostion, but I do love to laugh.  What you'll find here in my little blog space are the thoughts of someone who frequently struggles with insecurity, but who has found her ultimate security in the greatest hope ever given which is by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ alone.  Here I blog about the things I think about, sometimes serious, sometimes not.  

You're welcome to join me here, but if commenting I ask that you please be courteous and remember that I'm a real person on the other end of the keyboard, not just an argument to win if you happen to disagree.  There will most likely be times when I don't get everything exactly right, and by no means do I want to be prideful enough to think that I won't make mistakes or get caught by my blind spots, but, by God's grace I want desperately to be faithful to Him and to His word, and I pray I will have a teachable spirit and be willing to change when I see that God's word requires it.  Really there's no other option for one who wants to live in the light of the gospel and that's where I want to be found, by the power of the Holy Spirit sanctifying me. 

My blog analogy: Sweet tea because life is so sweet in the Lord, and lemon because we live in a fallen and often bitter world, and as we learn to glorify Him even in the trials, He grants us the faith to persevere and mature into something beautiful for His glory. Thanks for joining me on the front porch. The tea is cold and sweet, so feel free to pull up a rocking chair, visit awhile and chat.

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