Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Status Report - June 2010

Joining Lisa in sharing a status report this month: my dining room at my messy computer desk.

Drinking....Irish Breakfast Tea. Yes, I am living on the edge this afternoon.

Thinking.....that I should probably clean up the computer desk, but energy is at a severe low at the moment. Hence the Irish Breakfast Tea.

Saying.... “No” to the little voice in my head that keeps telling me to bake some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. Do you have an insistent little voice like that too?

Enjoying...the new Wii Fit Plus my husband bought for my birthday. I’m exercising more with it than I do when I manage to get myself to the Y, and that’s good. This is why I’m not making cookies this afternoon. I really want to see some progress on the weight loss goal finally.

Doing....a little better about moderating my time on Facebook and computer in general. It does reduce certain agitation when I’m on the computer less.

Reading.....Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur.

Deciding....whether to go ahead and read a popular series of older children’s books that I really had little desire to read and which everyone but my children and I seem to have read. The boys want to read them, but I said I’ll have to read them first and decide if they can and what I’d want to talk to them about. The boys have been really good about not whining or pulling the, “But Mom, all my friends have read them,” card. They just asked is all. how dark many of the selections in the young adult fiction genre seem to be. Doesn’t anyone write about anything besides vampires anymore? boys liked The Hardy Boys as much as I did when I was their age. Sigh.

Thinking...we could have gone ahead and visited the pool earlier today. That storm I thought was coming amounted to little. Now I don’t really feel like swimming.

Trying...not to panic as I realize how soon the moving date will be here and feeling a little overwhelmed with hoping I’m not forgetting anything important that needs doing before then.

Pleased....with how very well-behaved the kids have been so far during this first full week of summer break. We had several not very fun errands yesterday, and not one kid complained. We did have lunch at Chick-fil-A to break the yuck of the rest of the errands. I’m not heartless.

Needing.... to take my oldest boy clothes shopping. These kids are growing too fast. I realized he really needs Sunday shirts, shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Pretty much a new wardrobe. None of us like shopping, but it must be done and soon. When he came down wearing the same shirt on Sunday that he's worn for the last few weeks I realized we might be having a need.

Sad....that we will have to leave before our Sunday School class finishes the book of Revelation. So far we’ve just finished chapter 4. We have a very gifted teacher who LOVES God’s word and I really am sad to miss the rest of this study.

Irritated...that I got a summons to appear in court soon in the case of my broken car window and stolen purse. Just one more inconvenience this person is causing by her crime. I’m glad they caught someone, though. I’m just hoping when I call the day before my scheduled date they’ll tell me I don’t have to appear. That would be nice. I get so intimidated in those kinds of settings.

Tired....of feeling tired a lot of the time. I’m really hoping that consistent exercise will boost my metabolism and help that a little.

Thankful....that I can rest in knowing that God will lead us to the right church once we do move in a few weeks. I’m so thankful for the Body of Christ. such a hermit like me ended up with a daughter who’s first words every single morning are, “Where we go today?” She’s crying right now because I do not have anywhere planned to go at the moment. see the sun coming out this afternoon. I think it’s time to take the kids out to play.


Leslie said...

Yes, I have a Cookie Monster voice that asks for cookies every single day. My 33 year old thighs tell me that I listen to it more than I should.

Elizabeth said...

My voice is trying to tell me not to eat a second brownie. We'll see. I want to know what series?

Rebekah said...

Harry Potter.

Lisa writes... said...

I love Harry Potter! Read them! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised...or, you might think I've dropped off the deep end and if so, don't tell me, okay? Because did I mention I love him? I've read all of them more than once and maybe more than twice...

Love your status report!