Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Pictures to Share

To my Mom and Dad, I thought you might like to see these:

We visited the Arch one more time before leaving St. Louis. The first time we visited the Arch it was about minus 2 degrees (we moved to St. Louis in December) and not very crowded, and this day it was at least 102 degrees and terribly crowded. It was extremely hot, anyway. Summer is like that. I like this picture, but I never seem to have pictures of the whole family because Drew is always the one taking the picture. Still a cool picture, though. Look how big the boys are getting:

She had to "touch the 'Rainbow Arch'" one more time:

I love this picture!

Princess Rachel decided to dress Roscoe up in her angel wings. He was not amused:

Our longsuffering dog:

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