Saturday, October 09, 2010

Status Report - October 2010

Seeing as we are more than a week into October now, following Lisa’s example again, here’s my status update: my kitchen.

Eating....pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Liking all things pumpkin now that I have finally found some in the store again. I even roasted my own pie pumpkin yesterday and pureed it. It worked out well. A rather messy endeavor, but I liked the “I did it myself” factor of it all. I’ll need to buy a sharper knife before the next time though. Cutting through the stem and pumpkin was rough with the dull knives that currently inhabit my kitchen drawers, though they have no trouble slicing my fingers occasionally.

Drinking....a glass of milk. My resolve to forego coffee this morning has only lasted until about 8:30, however, so I will probably be making a pot of coffee when I finish this. I have to survive the flag football game at 11:00 somehow, you see.

Pondering......the fact that my son and daughter are having a conversation about how she does not like pumpkin. She opted for Cinnamon Toast Crunch (actually the generic store brand) instead of the pumpkin pancakes. I guess for her there can be too much pumpkin.

Disappointed.....with my homemade pumpkin coffee creamer. I made it yesterday and it wasn’t as good as it smelled. I’ve noticed through the years that I enjoy the idea of such things better than the actuality, and a recipe that looks delicious on paper often does not live up to the anticipation, in my experience. Same with smoothies. They always sound like such a good idea, but very rarely do I enjoy them once I follow the recipe.

Smelling....the coffee brewing. I decided not to wait.

Enjoying....seeing the leaves changing. One of my favorite things about the fall.

Thinking....that I need to make better use of my journal and less use of my blog. I tend to use this space to work out things I’m thinking through. I think I need to do less of that. Last post being a good case in point. That probably should have been written in my journal, not here. It’s so tempting when I’ve got something I’m pondering and praying over and musing over to need to blog about it. I’m thinking that may not be a wise thing to do. I say too much on Facebook, too.

Reading....False Impression by Jeffery Archer. Needed something fiction once in a while so took the kids to the library this week. It was Fall Break for them, and it’s been nice having them home and the weather being so nice to play outside. Should have been out even more than we were. Also reading Our Awesome God by John MacArthur. get off the computer and get on with this day. It’s going to be a busy one.

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