Thursday, November 11, 2010

When Mom Has a Headache

Took sinus meds this morning and headache meds this afternoon, nothing is touching this headache. I'm thinking it must be a doozy of a weather front about to come through.

Worked through the headache and put together the lasagna we're having for dinner in a bit and cleaned the floors and did some other chores all morning.

Head hurts worse this afternoon.

Husband says, "Why don't you go lie down for a bit. Maybe that will help."

I say, "Good idea."

Husband is outside working on a project.

I lie down on the bed.

I close my eyes for one minute.

The boys begin arguing over something stupid downstairs. Name calling ensues. They must think I can't hear them or that I can't figure out who is the instigator. They are wrong. I keep my eyes closed and call the worst offender upstairs. I tell offender to leave his brother alone. He tries to argue, I'm having none of it. I tell him in no uncertain terms to drop it.

Eyes are still closed. Quiet for one more minute.

The dog joins me in my room and proceeds to lick my face. I tell him in no uncertain terms to cut it out.

The daughter joins me in my room and says, "I cover you up, Mama."

I think, "That's so sweet, but my head just hurts so much please just let me be."

She covers me and proceeds to crawl around my bed and lands right on my head.

I decide I'm better off just getting up and writing a blog post.

My head still hurts, but no one is licking my face or stepping on my head.

It was a good idea, though.

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Mrs. H said...

Poor girl! Being a mom... one sacrifice after another :) Hope your head feels better...