Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Seeing as the blog has been rather quiet lately, I think I’ll join with other bloggers and try to start posting Thankful Thursday posts. At least I’ll do one today and hope to remember to continue on as weeks progress. It is always a good thing to practice thankfulness.

Today I am thankful:

That I get to be a stay-at-home mom, especially when the school calls at 5:50 AM and announces that we are having yet another snow day, though we had yet to see the first snowflake until just a minute or so ago, and even now it’s just lightly ‘drizzling’. Supposed to have more this afternoon, though.

For a friend who came to play with my oldest boy today - glad he’s making nice friends here.

This will sound a little weird, but I’m even thankful for jury duty. Not so much for the fact that having lived in the great state we now live in for only 6 months and at the express and compulsory invitation of my county that I have to serve on jury duty, exactly, but more that I’m thankful for the opportunity to see God’s grace and mercy as He has worked in the situation and provided a new friend who is willing and able to watch my little girl on the days I have to go in and in granting me His peace as I look to Him when anxiety threatens. Also, I’m thankful for the opportunities serving on the grand jury affords to see a side of life I am very sheltered from normally and to be given the opportunity to grow in my thankfulness for that sheltered aspect of my life and for the heightened awareness of the need to pray specifically for my community. I’m also thankful for the things it has alerted me to be more aware about in my community and for the talking points it’s given me with my kids. All in all, it is not a completely bad experience, and I’ve got a blog post percolating that maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to share once it’s over.

For my church family. So very much good stuff I could say here, but I’ll have to save it and ponder it more when I can write coherently.

For the Partnering to Remember Philippians project. Again, I need to get a blog post written - didn’t get to it last week, but there is something very, very special about working to memorize a long passage of scripture, where the context of the text becomes alive as I ponder on it throughout the week.

For winter.....well, I’m trying. I’ve been complaining about it on Facebook, but I know there must be things about winter for which to be thankful, so, I’m trying. In the midst of it, I’m thankful for a warm house and lots of blankets. I am richly blessed, and I’m grateful.

How about you? For what are you thankful today?

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