Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Status Report August 2011

Sitting....and staring at the computer, wanting to write a blog post.

Drinking....cherry Coke Zero, made with the cherry syrup we bought at Gloria Jeans while visiting my brother and his family.

Cooked....chicken and veggie stir-fry for dinner. It was good. The daughter opted for PB&J. Weirdo. :-)

Feeling...a little anxious, depressed and blah over the fact that the kids go back to school tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s because my over-perfectionistic bent toward school and the anxiety I had over school way back when has scarred me for life or what, but I get this way every year. That and my baby enters kindergarten this year, and you see some of the reason for my feeling angsty and sick to my stomach today. Seems like summer went way too fast this year, especially. I haven’t had my yearly nightmare involving a locker that won’t open and classes I’ve forgotten to attend yet, however. Yet, I say.

Enjoyed...visiting my brother, his wife and their 9-month-old little boy over the weekend. Finally got to meet my little nephew in person, and he’s a cutie.

Visited...Mount Airy, NC as we took a scenic route home from visiting my brother. It was fun to see "Mayberry" and reminds me we need to watch some of those old Andy Griffith shows with the kids.

Laughed...at the funny things my kids said in the car on the way home. My daughter talked NONSTOP for the two days we broke the trip into. Seriously. Funniest thing she said was while we were driving over a mountain: "We're having a really fun adventure, Dad!" And my middle boy asking my older boy to kill the flying ant in the car by saying, "I can't get it! Josh, use your wand!" My family is weird, but we have a good time.

Also enjoyed....going to a real mall. Yes, local friends, there was even a food court - with a Sonic and Gloria Jeans, among others, inside. Nice. Imagine that. Bought myself some coffee and the cherry syrup I mentioned above.

Reading....the King Raven trilogy by Stephen Lawhead on my Nook. I’m enjoying the first book, Hood, very much.

Surprised...that my husband decided to upgrade my phone to an iPhone while we were at that real mall that also had a Verizon store. I like. Not sure it was the wisest thing to buy me a phone that allows me to Facebook anywhere, anytime, but, I like.

Ready....for church choir practice to start back up now that August is here. I’ve missed it over the summer.

Amazed...that the outside thermometer was reading 130.5 degrees F at one point this afternoon. That direct sunlight is scorching out there.

Thankful...for air conditioning.

Realizing....that this post is entirely fluff. Sorry. That’s kind of all I can manage at this moment.

Thinking....I need to review Philippians. I had memorized it, but when I tried to review it yesterday, I realized I need a concentrated review before I lose it.

Excited....to be entering the adventure of team-teaching the second and third grade Sunday School for our church this year.

Planning....to get writing. I’ve been saying it, but I’m planning to get busy. That may, or may not, mean less blogging. I know, less than my stellar blogging rate this summer? Time will tell, I guess.

Just finished....packing my daughter’s first ever school lunch. Why do I cry over everything? I packed the boys’ lunches for them, too, though usually I make them pack their own since it’s a responsibility-training exercise. But for tomorrow, I did it for them. That way I can slip in a little note, too.

Time...to end this post and go get everyone ready to wind up the day.

Happy August!


Mrs. H said...

Oh man, we could've transitioned into "in real life" friends... good ole Mayberry is less than an hour from me :) Glad you had a fun vacation. Your daughter in the car - that is SO my daughter, lol. A running commentary on everything and nothing at the same time ;)

Lisa writes... said...

Hook, Scarlet and Tuck are some favorite reads of mine!

I like my iPhone too, though I'm not sure the smartphone has made me all that much smarter :)