Friday, October 17, 2008

Randomly Boring Me

Jules at Everyday Mommy has tagged me with a meme. I’m supposed to share 6 random things about myself. I hope I can come up with six things that won’t just bore the socks off of you, but here’s my attempt to complete the meme.

1. I find coloring in Boo’s coloring books to be a very soothing activity when I’m feeling stressed or in need of a mindless occupation when I can’t settle my brain enough to read. I colored a nice scene of Elmo’s birthday party while watching the last presidential debate.

2. I don't watch a whole lot of TV anymore. There are just a handful of shows I still follow, and with all the available channels, there just isn't much I can stand to watch these days. And I don’t turn the news on much anymore, either. For one thing, I'm really tired of politics at the moment, and besides, with 24/7 news channels, just how many different ways can you spin the same few news stories, anyway? I’m pretty much “news”-ed out.

3. I crave diet cherry Cokes from Sonic all the time. Drew knows what to get when he feels like a Sonic run on the way home from work. I also like their unsweet peach tea. Sonic happy hour half price soda drinks from 2-4 is a winner with me and the boys.

4. I can’t wait for LOST to come back. That's one of those handful of shows I mentioned, and I am pretty much hooked on it. I clicked on the ABC website the other day and piddled around just to fill my craving for a LOST fix. Does anyone else think these really long hiatuses are too long? How much longer will we have to drag out the suspense? Will the ending be satisfying, or have I wasted all these years following the Losties? Drew and I were laughing that we will be getting off our island before they resolve the mysteries surrounding theirs. I’m not good at waiting. As Inigo says in The Princess Bride, “I hate wait.” Me too.

5. Speaking of The Princess Bride, that’s one of my all time favorite movies. I had a friend in college who would go back and forth with me quoting lines from it when those lines would apply to various situations around campus. It was funny. Drew and I find ourselves spouting out Princess Bride quotes a lot, too. Especially the clergyman from the wedding scene. That has got to be one of the funniest movie scenes ever. “Mawidge. Mawidge is wot bwings us togevah today.…..”

6. I love Autumn. It is my favorite season, and, growing up in Florida where we didn’t really have much differentiation in seasons, I am looking forward to moving a little further north where we will have a true Fall, with colored leaves and that crisp feeling in the air and pumpkins and all that goes with Fall. Except for Halloween, I'm not such a big fan of that, though in years past we have let the kids dress up and trick-or-treat. I'm just as glad we'll be at Disney World this year (oh, yes, we're going to Disney!! The kids are beside themselves in anticipation). I'm so not good at the whole finding a costume thing.

7. Okay, we were supposed to only list 6 random things, but my brain is randomly firing now and I have one more, but it’s about the boys, not about me so much. Both of the boys have been reading our old Calvin and Hobbes books, and they can’t wait to live in a place where we’ll have leaves to crunch and snow for building snow men, just like Calvin. M is already planning how he wants to build his snow men. I’m a little worried that he’s adopted Calvin as a role model in this endeavor….

Well, I hope my lame attempt to play along hasn’t bored you to tears. Sorry, I’m just not all that interesting.

Have a nice Friday, and feel free to consider yourself tagged!


Laura said...

I love the Princess Bride too! I had a friend in high school who loved it so much that when he left to attend a college that did not permit TVs and VCRs in the dorms, he made a tape recording of it and just listened to the audio when he needed a fix!

Connie said...

Re: #5 - My dear husband had the honor of performing the wedding of his youngest brother--he repeatedly 'threatened' to do the whole ceremony using the same voice and accent as the priest in Princess Bride!! In the end my husband behaved himself, but it was great fun teasing the groom and bride-to-be!!!

Re: #6 - We were recently in St. Louis and LOVED seeing the leaves already beginning to change (it happens a bit later down here in Okla.), so I'm sure you're gonna really enjoy it next fall! :-) We lived in Dallas for eight years and missed the distinct change of seasons there, so I understand your anticipation.

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!