Friday, November 21, 2008

Will I Ever Blog Again?

My friend Lisa often will blog status reports, and I am blatantly plagiarizing the idea from her today as I realize here it is Friday and I haven't posted anything, substantive or not, since last Friday. Is it still plagiarism if I give her credit for the format idea? I’ll let Lisa decide the answer to that. my computer desk wishing a substantive post would materialize on the screen. Also sitting on my hands when I'm not typing to try to warm them up. It's cold this week. And my hands freeze all winter. And it's only going to get colder in a few weeks when we move.

Sipping...nothing at the moment, but thinking strongly about going out to get a Coke zero from the fridge in the garage. Speaking of the fridge in the garage, did you know that if you set your refrigerator too cold and a case of diet A&W cans happens to freeze you will have a whopping explosion of a mess in said refrigerator? I didn’t either. But, wow, you should see the mess. The cans actually exploded. That’s one more job I’ve got to do now. apple, and wishing it were a giant chocolate bar. Still trying to shed some more pounds. Slow going these days. dog. I still find myself looking at the couch when I get up in the morning and am always disappointed when he isn't there. I guess that will fade once we move.

Also missing... my blog and my blog friends. Wishing I had more to say to keep it up. Wondering what is wrong with me these days. Must be the move. I’m not great with big changes, even when they are so incredibly obviously the right changes.

Incredibly grateful...for the manifold providential ways God is showing us and comforting our hearts that this move is right. There are more than I can count. God is so kind and so good and His mercy is everlasting, and His peace does pass all understanding. May I rest in it. And I am thankful for His word and how the time spent studying it is never wasted time, but brings refreshing to my soul.

Mulling...over a series of books I just completed and which I can’t seem to quit thinking about and about which a blog post is screaming in my head to be written, but I am thinking I just might be too chicken to jump into that water and name the series just now since they are obscenely popular with a certain young adult female audience and the first novel has a movie based upon it opening today and it deals with a new twist on the vampire story, (Have you figured it out yet?) and what I’m thinking about it is not all positive, glowing, obsessively wonderful thoughts and I’m not sure I want to face the backlash for sharing my thoughts if I do mention the name of the books and the Google hits bring obsessed fans here, so, should I write the post or not? What say you?

Wimpy... You’re right. See above. But that as-yet-unwritten post is about the only substantive thinking I’ve got going at the moment, too. Sigh. two-year-old daughter. She is just so much fun.

Also two boys. They are fun, too. But I am also constantly reminded of my total inadequacy at this parenting job at times. Parenting is hard work. Really hard. God is gracious. Really gracious. He grants wisdom when I pour out my heart to Him and for that I can never be grateful enough.

Stressful...the time is quickly barreling down upon us for our move to St. Louis. Today is Drew’s last day working at the hospital. That is really surreal. Drew’s boss and his wife, who are also dear friends, are taking us out to dinner tonight. I’m dreading the tears. I surprised myself on Saturday at M’s last football game when a friend’s mom came up to him and told him how much they are going to miss him when we leave. I got all misty-eyed. And I want to leave the low country. But it is still hard. Drew leaves the Saturday after Thanksgiving to start his new job and the movers will be here in early December to give us a better estimate of our actual moving date when we can go on and join him there. It is real now.

Procrastinating...filling out the forms for the boys’ new school. I hate filling out forms. But it needs to be done before next week. Drew will be taking them with him to get them registered for next semester. Have I mentioned that I’m not great with change?

Irritated...with incompetence. One example among many that we've experienced recently: I guess literacy is too high an expectation for our mail carrier. We keep getting mail for neighbors who don’t even live on our street, and other neighbors keep having to walk our mail over to us. When we went to Disney, I had the post office hold our mail for that week. It was supposed to all be delivered to us on the Saturday we got back. We didn’t get it until the next Monday. When I went through it, there was a large stack of our next door neighbor’s mail in with ours which had been held all week instead of delivered to their box. I hope their mail doesn’t get forwarded to St. Louis with us when we move. Also, there was a two inch thick stack of mail for different people all over the area here – not even close to our neighborhood, some not even the same zip code. That all got held for a week with our mail, too. We put those in one of those big blue mail boxes. Hope it got where it was supposed to. That’s just one more aspect of Island living I’m fairly sure I won’t miss too awfully much. Looking at the bright side, with all of us neighbors walking misdirected mail to each other, at least we are finally meeting each other.

Not progressing...with the writing project. I started outlining a little of the story, but I haven’t had time or heart to get into it much yet. I also need to get moving on the story I promised M I would write for him a very long time ago.

Thankful...for Jesus, who is the Light of the world. That has so much meaning for me right now. Maybe I’ll explain more when I get up the courage to write that book post.

Done...blogging for the moment. Diapers and daily duties are calling.


Mrs. H said...

Alternating sitting on my hands and typing as well :) Just can't get warm these days!
Got a chuckle (sorry) out of your mail experience. At least your mail is coming to you, even if it does contain all the extras!! It'd be funny (ok, I know, not really. Funny in a sad sort of way) if your neighbor's mail does go to St. L. How crazy.
Hang in there. :)

Thelma said...

I hear you on the fun 2 year old. My dear little daughter is not only 2 but a budding comedian. Did I mention she is potty training and just sat on the potty begging the pee pee to come out......LOL LOL LOL and is now standing on top of a toy shirt, no pants doing the I did the pee pee although I had planned a better response......Mommy duty calls....after all it is 30 degrees outside and running around without underwear even with the heater ON is not an option.....LOL. I do enjoy your blog Rebekah.

Oh and I had to add.....Dr Pepper has the same reaction in the freezer of our fridge......and for some reason my husband always finds where I have forgotten a soda in the freezer......cause I like them of icey consistency.....yeah....what a mess!

Thelma said...

okay so I cant type....cause you guessed hands are cold....she is standing on top of a toy, shirt, no a comma can make a huge difference......I think I lost some brain cells to the cold, frigid weather today.

Barbie said...

I think you should blog about it;-) You can read a review about it here... I haven't read it because I just don't feel right in MY spirit about it...I can't really give my opinion since I won't read it but YOU can lol I say be BOLD:-)

Barbie said...
Ok I don't think the other link worked but this one should:-)

Lisa writes... said...

Heretofore, I grant you all rights and privileges and permissions to the status report form of (non)blogging! :-)

Non substantive posting--I am so there, myself!