Thursday, February 12, 2009

Government Holidays

So, I went to get my new driver’s license today. Drove up to the place, saw the hours posted – opens at 9 AM on weekdays, it was about one minute after 9, so all’s well, except that there were two men standing outside the door peering in hopefully. First clue that things were going to be more difficult than anticipated this morning. Serves me right for waiting so long to get this necessary chore done, I suppose.

I got Boo out of the car and into her stroller and started toward the building, and met one of the men who had been peering in the window coming back to the parking lot, and he said that there was a sign on the window stating that the office is closed today for Lincoln’s birthday. Ummmm, isn’t that what President’s Day is supposed to be for? So, I went to look at the sign for myself and it said they are closed today for Lincoln’s birthday and on Monday for Presidents’ Day. Interesting. Guess the Federal holiday on Monday wasn’t enough celebrating for the local license bureau.

And government people wonder why we measly citizens are often frustrated and cranky when we have to deal with them for anything.

Think nationalized, government run healthcare will be any more efficient? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I laugh in your general direction if you are that optimistic. Or should I say, “Optomistic?”

Limited government…sounds good to me.

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Thelma said...

I saw on the news that some state office drivers license beureaus are being forced to 4 day work weeks with fridays off and taking pay cuts to cut cost and your is too but chose to say it was a "holiday" to not have to deal with the public guy they interviewed said he has an appointment for that day but the office was closed.....yeah our goverment at work....makes so much sense......

and why is it they make people who work in state offices take less pay, less days of work etc......while high government officials still make more a year than my husband and I will make in a life time.....kwim. makes no sense......I am not bitter just saying....cause ultimately.........God takes care of Mike and I and we have never gone without....He always meets the is just the government wasts money and it irks me...LOL