Saturday, February 07, 2009

I Wonder.....

Why no matter how much or how little I put in my sons’ milk glasses, they never finish that last swallow. Do they think something terrible might happen if they drink the last mouthful?

Why it never occurs to anyone in my house to throw away a box when they take the last item. Do they think only Mom’s hands can throw away an empty granola bar box, cereal box, etc.?

Why everyone else in the house will walk past the same piece of trash on the floor for days. It's true. I've tested my theory by watching to see, and until I pick it up, it will stay there forever. I call it "trash blindness."

Why every kid in my house will go out of his or her way to walk in a mud puddle. Well, I guess that’s a given, isn’t it? Squishy mud is just fun to walk in. Not so fun to clean off of their only pair of clean tennis shoes or the carpeted stairs, but fun to walk in.

Why ‘they’ say girls are so much easier to potty train. Or is my girl just stubborn? And who are ‘they’ exactly, and why do we listen to them? Or maybe I just don’t remember what it was like with the boys? It is a relatively short time in life, all things considered. But I’m sure the gray hair I found this morning is directly related to the trials of potty training our girl.

Why anyone would want to be famous. Have you seen all the gossip ink spilled over the past week or so about a certain singer’s supposed weight gain? Everytime I pull up my e-mail, there’s another blurb about it. And if it isn’t her, it will be some other star tomorrow. Why would anyone want to have their every little struggle with weight or bad hair days or bad clothes days or whatever else discussed ad nauseum by the media which seemingly does not have enough to do. And even if they are just flat-out beautiful, the media which does not have enough to do will find some unflattering picture to post everywhere. Why is some singer’s weight or melt-down on stage worthy of days and days and days of news coverage?? I cannot imagine the pressure of having my every up and down with the scale scrutinized by people who don’t know me or care anything about me. This is why I say it would be misfortune to be famous. I relish my obscurity, truly. We have such a warped view of what matters in this country.

Just a few unimportant things I’ve been wondering about lately.


Mrs. H said...

I admit it... I'm a former leave-the-last-sip-of-milk-in-the-cup kid! I always used to joke that I was leaving the "pulp," as I did that with my oj as well :) Uck.

Laura said...

Trash blindness is endemic in our house too, though I can't complain too much because I have a husband who vaccums.
I've also heard "them" say that training boys is harder, but my eldest girl (youngest is still in process) took almost a year from start to really finished, and my son took less than a week.

Heather said...

Oh, I have pondered thesd things many a day as well. You are not alone :-).

Also, why am I the only one who notices smudged or spotted glass/mirrors?

Thelma said...

potty training...dont get me started...LOL. Yes my dear darling did good yesterday and even went in the potty this morning, leaving me thinking.....okay she has done her morning poop.......let me try panties....since she stayed dry and clean yesterday ......for my MOTHER.....while we were away with Christopher at his medical testing........ahhhhhhhhhh yes......the misguided thinking of a tired, to optimistic mommy......I took her every 15 minutes thereafter.......asking her many times if she needed to potty...that she needs to keep her elmo panties clean and dry.....not 5 minutes after her last trip to the potty........she did BOTH in her pants......but only told me she went pee pee "I soweee mommy I pee pee"........only to discover as I took her panties off.......the other "present" waiting for me......sigh. WHY WHY WHY do it for nanny but not for mommy.......LOL.

oh and the trash blindness also extends the the clothes my kids JUST took off........HELLO it came off your wee little body.......walk it over to the laundry closet and leave it where it goes...I promise it will NOT hurt......LOL LOL LOL

and My Hannah is a leave a sip of milk in the glass too.....sigh