Friday, April 10, 2009

I've Heard That Bettas are Fairly Indestructible

It's a good thing, too. I was noticing that I have posted nothing since last Thursday, I'll just check in with this little tid bit and hopefully write something else soon.

So, M got a betta fish for his birthday. That was last Thursday. Friday night we had a babysitter come and Drew and I went to the mall and to a movie. When we got home, J told us the fish was acting funny. The babysitter explained that Boo had found the fish food jar and proceeded to empty half of it into the bowl. He's only supposed to have two pellets twice a day, and this was hundreds of pellets at once. "Feed Sid! Feed Sid!" She gleefully cried. She really likes animals. I was much impressed with our babysitter's quick thinking. She transferred Sid to a cup and rinsed out his bowl and washed the rocks and everything. We looked at Sid, and he seemed happy enough - I mean, he's a fish, for goodness sake. All he does is swim around in a bowl, it's kind of hard to tell what he's thinking. So we thanked her for her quick thinking and commisserated with her about the stress our two-year-old caused. Welcome to my world.

On Saturday we had choir practice because Sunday we presented our musical in both services (it was very nice, very worshipful, by the way). After practice, the babysitter's mother waved to me in the church lobby and told the person she was talking to, "You won't believe what her daughter did last night!" I really hope that won't become something I hear often, by the way. I told her how impressed I was that her daughter was able to handle the situation. I'm pretty sure at her age I would have been stumped about what to do. "I'm so sorry, Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So, the children are fine but your fish is dead."

So, on Sunday I told the babysitter's mom to please tell her that Sid is doing just fine, and I am much impressed with her quick thinking. Her mom and I had a good laugh about the stress level of the babysitter that night.

I wonder if this means a pay raise next time.....

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Laura said...

My two year old did that just last week! I guess I should thank her for forcing me to clean the bowl =). Our betta has been around for almost a year now I think, and his longevity is certainly not due to much TLC!