Thursday, April 02, 2009

Status Report - Early April

Sitting…at my computer desk, shamelessly stealing Lisa’s blog post idea and writing a status report for April. I, too, treat my laptop like a desktop. It’s just easier that way for this girl who barely even knows how to switch all the techie equipment on. If you knew how long it is taking me to figure out how to use our swanky new digital camera and the software affiliated with it, you’d laugh at me.

Drinking….coffee, decaf with hazelnut creamer and Sweet N’ Low. Drew and I have decided Sweet N’ Low is probably the least toxic of the diet sweeteners. Who would’ve thought?

Noting….that I am not ready for my middle son to be eight-years-old. But, ready or not, as of today he is. Today is his birthday. At 12:01 PM today he was officially eight-years-old. Where is the time going? Want to see one of his birthday presents? This was the big surprise I had waiting for him when he came home in from school! He named it Sid.

Weighing….too much. Okay, I know Lisa doesn't mean literally when she says this, but weighing options. Still. The scale is not my friend. Actually, maybe it’s just a really good friend – the most honest one I know…..

Tired….of potty training. She’ll get it, I know she’ll get it. But it’s just tiring these days. I bought one of these:
(Bissel Little Green ProHeat)
It was necessary. I like it. And then once she’s potty trained, I’ll be whining about how she’s growing up so fast I can’t stand it. I’m already whining about it. But I really cannot see myself weeping over being finished with diapers. Unless they are tears of joy.

Wondering….if we will be dog owners again soon. We found an adorable little guy while web surfing local animal shelters. When we contacted them about him, they told us he currently has pneumonia, but we can meet him once the vet says okay. I think he’s seeing the vet today. I hope we get to meet him soon. I’ll let you know.

Reading….The Last Jihad by Joel C. Rosenberg. I like it so far. Also reading Saved Without a Doubt by John MacArthur. I really like it. I think I need to write a whole blog post about it soon.

Recently finishedRuthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie by Laura Rankin. Okay, that’s me being funny. Boo got this at the library, and has insisted on having it read to her more times than I can count already. She loves the ‘fox book’ (Ruthie is a little fox). It is due back at the library on the 7th. I have a sinking feeling there will be much wailing and gnashing of toddler teeth on that day. We may be making and outing to the bookstore soon. As for me, recently finished is Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer. I liked it.

Also wondering….why the manufacturers of my new blender felt the need for this:

I had to use scissors to cut it off. Really, was that necessary?

Needing….some new clothes. I hate shopping. This, too, could be an entire blog post, and since I’ve been so lax about blogging, maybe it will be soon.

Not liking….how seldom I seem to be able to focus for long enough to write a decent blog post these days.

Really liking….this season of LOST. Some things are beginning to come together, and the story is moving along. Confusing, yes. But very interesting. I’m driving my husband crazy with my speculating and wondering. I still think if it were a book I’d have to stay up all night to finish it. I really want answers.

Thanks for allowing me to copy your status idea, Lisa!


Carla said...

And now we know why Ben doesn't remember. I'm liking how plotlines are finally making more sense, but I'm still trying to figure out why Richard is always the same age. I'm stumped on that one.

Rebekah said...

I wondered the same thing to my husband on Wednesday! And when Richard told Kate and Sawyer that if they did this Ben would never be the same - he'd always be "one of us," I looked at my husband and said, "What are they?" And he said, "Yeah," like hmmmm. Richard is everyone's 'constant' like Farraday talked about, I think. And what happened to Daniel, anyway, did I miss that explanation somehow?? Where is he?

Kay said...

I'm with you on the techie stuff. I still have to ask the hubs to load pics from the camera stick onto the computer so I can blog about them. Maybe one day I'll be able to remember all the steps. Not holding my breath. Neither is he! LOL

Kim said...

I'm with you on the buying clothes thing. I hate buying new clothes. They're so expensive, and I like to buy something that will last for a few years! All that trendy stuff is such a waste of money

Rebekah said...

Kim - exactly. We were at the mall last night. All those clothes hanging on the racks, and just nothing I could wear - I hate how low cut all the dresses are, and it all cost so much it's just insane. All I wanted was just a nice dress for Easter Sunday.

Lisa writes... said...

No stealing to it...yours for the taking! :-)

Lovin' LOST too!

And I always THINK that I'll like shopping but I never do...

Thelma said...

potty training........about when I think we have it...she gets sick or something and we crash back to square one...........sigh. as for being out of diapers/pullups......I will throw a party when it does happen!......

as for 41........and "fatter" than I have ever been not preggy..........there are some outfits supposedly for women my age.......that would not be appropriate for me much less a pastor's wife.........low cut and clinging to every curve and short beyond description is NOT the look this pastor's wife thinks would uh .......send the right message.....but clothes that fit too often look like teeny bopper wanna be....clothes....LOL