Tuesday, March 30, 2010

That Mom

I was that mom today. You know the one. If you were at Schnuck's this afternoon, you really know the one. I'm talking about the mom with the screaming banshee of a kid who was displaying her sin nature as loudly as possible for everyone to witness (the kid, not the mom). Anyone who thinks we don't have a sin nature should spend a little time with a 3-year-old. Just sayin'. I'm talking about the mom who is trying to get through her grocery list while dragging said screaming banshee while everyone in the store is tempted to think what a brat that kid is, why doesn't she do something about it already?

Things to remember:
1. Going the grocery store with a really long list right after preschool and right at lunch time is probably not the best idea.

2. Later, when I am no longer that mom, but maybe a little nostalgic for those days, I want to remember that I was that mom once. And when I see that mom from the other side, I want to think that maybe that mom is not a bad mom and maybe that kid is not a brat, really. Maybe that mom is a really good mom who is trying to raise her child not to be a brat and is choosing to persevere through a really embarrassing moment in order to teach her beloved child that screaming and pitching a fit is not appropriate and will not get her what she wants, nor will it make her a happy and productive person. Maybe that mom is trying to raise her child to not be that teenager one day, and it's better to persevere through the temper outbursts now and teach this kid that her strong-willed nature must be kept under control so she can be a decent teenager rather than one out of control. That's what I want to remember when I'm no longer that mom.

3. And maybe, just maybe I can remember to be that mom who has been there who can smile sympathetically at that mom and reassure her that you only get to be that mom for a short time, and for every embarrassing and frustrating and difficult moment there are a multitude of sweet ones to counteract it, so make the most of it.

By God's grace I pray that I will be that mom to the praise of His glory and parent in the Spirit not in the flesh. By God's grace, I pray that I will be patient and persevere and train up these blessings in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and that He would overcome the failings that I bring to the table. By God's grace I pray that when I find myself in the position of being that mom at times that I would remember His grace and that He would grant me, please, the wisdom to parent that child well. By God's grace I pray that my children will grow up to love Him and serve Him, in spite of my failings as that mom.

Then being that mom will all be worth it.


Cupcake Mama said...

This reminds me of last spring when I saw a mom in the parking lot at Sam's, struggling with getting a baby in the car and a rather loud 3 year old. As I was getting my children out of the car and situated in the basket, mom remained calm even as her daughter's temper escalated. Just has the mom got in her van, I stopped by and put my hand on her shoulder and said "Good job mom. We have all been there and not every mom keeps focused on being the adult - but you did. Keep it up." She had tears in her eyes - as did I after that. That is the ONLY time I have really reached out to encourage a mom who is a stranger but I was blessed for doing it.

Rebekah said...

I have tears in my eyes just reading your comment. You're such an encourager. Sometimes when you're in that situation, a kind and understanding word from someone else is just what you need, and you did that for that mom that day.

Lisa writes... said...

I just have to say that I am so glad that I am not the only one who morphs into that mom! How the enemy wants us to feel alone in our struggles! How much grace is granted to that mom humble enough to ask! Keep fighting the good fight sister, persevere even when you are so discouraged and feel fully confident you have ruined your children forever. God's grace is sufficient. He is everything you're not and everything your kids need.

Love you, girl.