Friday, August 06, 2010

Totally Random Pictures

This not-so-little guy made itself at home in the eaves of our front porch. We've been admiring it from a distance, mind you. I'm a bit, okay more than a bit, spider phobic, but even I had to admit the creepy beauty of this one. My oldest son insists it's a banana spider. I thought he was talking about that deadly spider that hides in batches of bananas and I was sure it wasn't. After asking my Facebook friends for help and doing a little more research, I now know that there are two separate types of spider that have "banana spider" for one of many names. One is deadly poisonous, the other one which lives on my porch is not. Good to know. My oldest son is the same boy who swears every spider he sees is a black widow or a brown recluse, so you can see why I felt the need to research and not take his word for it. He is even more spider phobic than I am, so I try to keep my cool when he's around even if inside I am screaming like a frightened little girl. However, this one is LARGE. I think I shall call it....Shelob.

This is a little shopping center we drive by often. I laugh every time. For some reason my wacky sense of humor just finds it so funny to have a weight loss business wedged in between a pizza place and an ice cream parlor. You can go get your pizza at one corner, go to the other corner and have ice cream for dessert and then visit the people in the middle to talk about what you need to do to lose weight. Ha, ha!

My daughter's pink room. She requested purple and butterflies to complement her pink walls. I wasn't sure I liked it, but I'm coming around. She loves it of course.

The princess, her 'kids' and her dog. I laugh every time I look at this picture. Roscoe puts up with all Rachel's love.

Moving day. It was hot. Roscoe spent much of it on the back porch.

The reason he was so hot is that he really liked sunning himself in his sunny spot. You can sort of see that there was a shadier area, but he just likes sunny spots.

Sometime before furniture arrived. I just like this picture.

Unpacking downstairs in the basement family room. Doesn't he look thrilled? The downstairs still has work to be done, but we're almost there.

I'm really glad the boys had their DS games to play. It helped while away the days we had to sit in an empty house with no furniture, cable or internet. We would not make good Amish people....

I finally captured a picture of one of the humming birds that visits our feeder in the front yard. I love watching them, but they are hard to photograph. I haven't yet been about to get a picture of the beautiful yellow finches that have been visiting the feeder in the back yet. If I do, I'll be sure to share.

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