Saturday, June 11, 2011

Funny...... when life gets busy, the blog gets quiet. My blog of late has not been a reflection of my life, that's for sure. The silence here has an inverse relationship with the noise elsewhere, but that's how it is. Probably will be continuing on the quiet side for the foreseeable future, but wanted to check in and let anyone who cares know that I'm still kicking over here in Sweet Tea land. I do have some posts percolating. Sometimes when my blog is quiet, my private journal is full, but that's just life, too. One thing I've learned over the four years I've been blogging is that it's better to hash out some things in the journal and not on the blog. But sometimes that means a quiet blog, too. Hoping to get back to the blog soon.

God has been merciful this week, and I'm thankful. I had a major bout of sinus troubles again, resulting in a very stuffy ear on Sunday morning, making singing in the choir Sunday morning.....interesting. It got worse. Monday morning I woke up so very dizzy I was feeling sick, meaning the congestion had moved from outer ear to inner ear and was doing a number on me. I took the sinus medicine I usually take when I have these troubles and it did nothing, so I called my husband and asked him to bring home some motion sickness pills so I could try and see if that would help. Did I mention that our VBS started up on Monday night? I was scheduled to work with the 4th graders, and as of early afternoon on Monday I was not at all sure how I was going to manage getting to the church, much less being a crew leader for a bunch of 4th graders. But, in His mercy, God allowed the motion sickness pills to settle my roiling equilibrium and by time to leave for VBS I was feeling stable and ready to go.

Doctor visit on Tuesday morning resulted in me feeling much, much better by Wednesday. Follow up visit next week and I'm going to be asking for a referral to an allergist. I think I'm allergic to Kentucky.

VBS was exciting, and I was happy to get to talk to one of my kids about some questions she was having. I'm praying for her that the gospel will truly take root in her heart.

My daughter told me last night that she wishes we could have VBS every night. Personally, I'm really glad we had it this week. Every night, however, no, I don't think so. I'm exhausted after one week.

Looking forward to going to dinner with some friends tonight. Babysitter coming over to our house is brave enough to watch our three and their four, and I've been cleaning floors and bathrooms like a crazy woman all day to prepare. House got a little behind what with me being dizzy for two days and VBS late nights and all. We're good now. Anyway, looking forward to adult conversation and fellowship and prayer together tonight. We share a burden with this family to pray for our church together. I love fellowshipping with friends who are also brothers and sisters in Christ and knowing we can gather together to pray and knowing the Lord hears us and guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus when we do.

Interesting week. In lots of ways. Those things were just the tip of the iceberg. There've been ups and downs and in-betweens all week. Just like always. And in the midst of it all, God is working all things for His glory, and I am trusting Him for this, and find great peace and joy in knowing it.

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