Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Blogging

This summer, for various and sundry reasons, seems to have sapped my blogging ability. The blog is quiet, not because I have nothing I’m thinking about, but because I’ve been busy and distracted, finding that maybe I need to be little better about scheduling our time this summer, and though my mind and journal are full, I find that I cannot write about my thoughts out here. I have found that when I’m burdened about things in my real life that are not things I can blog about, that tends to force out the things I can blog about, if that makes sense. So, I’m checking in here at the Sweet Tea place to say that all is well with the family, but there is much busyness ensuing around here, and some things that are weighing on my heart but that I am praying and trusting God to work mightily in bringing understanding and wisdom and reconciliation for His glory as we seek to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel, by the power of the Holy Spirit, trusting in and submitting to the Lord Jesus who loves His church. I do have more substantial posts I’m mulling if I can ever get a moment when I’m not too mentally tired to work them out.

Until then, I’ll share a few random mundane things:

Waved good-bye to the church bus this afternoon as the boys left for kids’ camp. I miss them already, but I know they will have a great week. I have prayed for them, and continue to pray for them that they will not only have a lot of fun, but most importantly that they would be encouraged in their walk with Jesus and grow in love for Him.

Just realized that I am not a fan of the ice-cream truck that drives through our neighborhood. For one thing, the driver is smoking as she drives through the neighborhood, and that just is not appetizing when I think about buying ice cream from her while she smokes. It just grosses me out. Sorry, that’s where I am at the moment on that one. I dunno, maybe smoke that cigarette while out on the highway and stub it once she gets into the neighborhood where all the kids are? Soapbox over. Also, Rachel just yelled downstairs after looking out her window and seeing the ice-cream truck drive by quickly, “MOM! We missed the ice-cream truck AGAIN! How come we always miss it?” Two reasons, I seem to have entered a cash-free phase of life, meaning there is almost never a dollar or two lying around here on the afternoons when the ice-cream truck flies through here. Speaking of flying through, that’s the second reason. By the time I hear and see the truck, she’s off our street before I’ve had time to search high and low in the event I do scrounge up a dollar or two to buy a popsicle identical to the ones sitting in my freezer. That’s why Rachel can have one of those from the freezer and be happy, I say. Not to mention the irritating songs that play over and over and over and over as it files down our street. I’m an ice-cream truck scrooge, according to one very vocal 5-year-old. Bah popsicle.

My husband got my belated birthday present the other day: a Nook Color. I really like it. Now I’ve got to finish the library book I was already reading so I can read the Nook book I bought for my Nook. Of course the Nook purchase included the necessity of buying a wireless router so we can have WiFi in the house (secured of course) so I don't have to go to Panera whenever I want to connect the Nook to the internet. Not that frequent trips to Panera are a bad thing, but I digress. Drew said I’m like a kid in a candy store as I peruse the Nook books online. I can see I will have to put myself on a budget and strictly enforce it. So many books...... Bad thing is, I put some fun game apps on it, too, for the kids I said. However, they are addictive. Not sure how much reading is going to happen there after all. I told you I’ve been distracted. And I wonder where the brain power for blogging is seeping away.

Oh, and I find it really funny that, according to sitemeter, the top search phrase that lands people on my blog is "my dog is driving me crazy." Must be a lot of crazy dog-owners out there, judging by how often that lands someone here. Sorry I'm not more helpful on that topic. LOL

It’s hot here. I said I wouldn’t complain once it finally warmed up since winter seemed to drag on interminably long this year, so I’m not complaining. I’m just stating a fact. It’s hot, hot, hot. My thermometer is reading 121.6. I am making sure not to stand in whatever direct sunlight baking spot we have that thing placed. Weather channel says it's 89, feels like 93. Hot enough. We have been enjoying the pool membership.

And with that, I’ll sign off for now. Hopefully with a somewhat quieter house this week I’ll take the time to write out those blog posts I’m mulling. Hopefully.

Happy Monday!

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Mrs. H said...

Thanks for the short update :) Summer-living has zapped my blogging as well. Trying to get us into a routine and balance being mom to 2 at home (which sound ridiculous, but it is a switch from L being at school every day) and fitting in time for the lesser priority things like blogging (which I do sorta miss).