Monday, May 04, 2009

'In Over His Pay Grade,' Indeed.

My dad sent me a link to this article in Christianity Today.

See if the second paragraph doesn't leave you a little bit breathless - like when you get punched in the stomach and can't breathe for a second. And people wonder why so many of us have so little regard for the 'reporting' of the main stream media if this is really their idea of expertise on the subject. "Startling ignorance" just about says it right. No wonder we have so many people who are confused about when life begins and about the sanctity of human life if this is the best that the 'best and brightest' politicians can do. I wasn't a Rhodes Scholar, but I did take a biology class or two along the way through school. DUH.

And then see if the last paragraph on the first page doesn't make you scratch your head and say, "Huh?????" Ummmmmm, I just really am speechless here....

And then see if you aren't nodding along with the last two paragraphs of the article and thinking, "You said it."

Well, that was sort of my response, anyway.

Thanks, Dad, for the link. You're right. It was interesting.

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