Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Last Day of School

I just returned from our walk to meet the boys after their last day of the 2008-2009 school year. It was a half day. Smart thinking. The last day is pretty much a fun day, and now it’s over for my boys for this school year. M is now a rising third grader and J is now a rising fifth grader.

How did the end of May get here so fast? Aside from a week of day camp at the YMCA (both boys – one The Lord of the Rings theme and one golf theme), VBS coming up in a couple of weeks (evening, however) and one week of spend the night camp for J, I sort of forgot to plan for summer break. And here we are. I hope we don’t drive each other crazy for the next couple of months.

I’m going to really miss going to the beach with my friends like we did last summer. That was fun. No beach here. But we do have a nice swimming pool at our apartment complex, so I’m sure we’ll be visiting it often. And the boys will be riding their bikes – a lot! Oh yes, indeed.

Best laid plans: TV will be kept to a minimum and we’ll be practicing serving each other by keeping the house neater than we usually do in the summer time. Just working to keep Mommy sane.

Time is just flying by.


Thelma said...

Tomorrow is Christopher's last day...basically he just has to pick up his report card.......he also will be going to 3rd grade. Hannah graduated Pre-K on Wednesday and will start K in the fall.......where does the time go...the summer stretches before us.....but I bet it will FLY by. Isn't amazing how fast it goes when you look at the school year!

Annie said...

My son's last day is next week. He is sooooooo.....happy!!! I hope to take a half day off from work and take him out to a celebratory lunch!

Lisa writes... said...

Time flying, yes ma'am indeed. My time is currently spent in the suburban or getting and out thereof! Ugh!

The pool sounds like fun. Let me know how the serving each other by keeping the house neat goes. We are one week into summer and my house is TRASHED. Mainly because we aren't home (too busy getting in and out of the suburban--it's a vicious cycle).