Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Our pastor asked Drew, as a uniformed member of the military, to give a testimony in church yesterday. He said some really good things about how thankful he is for a church where God's word is honored and, while we appreciate our nation, we do not worship it, but we keep our eyes on the main thing, honoring God and His word. He also talked a little about how God has used things in our history and through things the military has been involved in to open doors for the gospel to be shared around the world. He talked about a chaplain he worked with in Iraq who is praying that the small acts of kindness he is able to do now will one day make a way for people to more fully share God's love through Jesus Christ to the people he meets.

He's so handsome in his uniform. I don't get to see him wear it very often. We have a ball coming up in June and I have to buy a dress, but that's a really different post....

Anyway, here's a picture of Drew speaking at church yesterday. It came out kind of dark. After church we met a man who had been there on the beach at D-Day. It was amazing to hear his story as he shared a little with Drew.

Afterward, we tried to get a picture of Boo in her little red,white, and blue dress with her daddy, but she wasn't in a picture taking mood, so she wasn't very cooperative.

Today we remember those who have sacrificed so much through so many years so that our country can be free. Remember the veterans when you are free to go to work and school and play without fearing a suicide bomber around every corner, remember the veterans when you realize we are still free to gather to worship and our pastors are free to open God's word publicly. Pray for those who serve in our military - but even more importantly, pray for true revival, that we will repent and turn to God through Christ Jesus, who is the only name given among men by which we may be saved. He alone is the way, the truth and the life. Only in Jesus is there reconciliation and peace with God, and only in Christ can we hope to live in holiness.

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