Thursday, September 09, 2010


A sign that the semi blog break you keep saying you’re going to take but keep coming back from like a pesky fly might need to become something more permanent:

When someone googles “why evangelicals need to be jettisoned into outter space” and it brings them to your blog, it might be time to rethink why you do this blogging thing anyway.

So many questions come to mind, not least being, “Why would someone feel the need to search that?”

Second being, “How much from my recent blogging would have encouraged them away from that sentiment if they spent any time here?”

That second question stings a lot. My friend Lisa posted yesterday about how the things we become obsessed with and the solutions we try to find for satisfying those obsessions cannot satisfy. She pointed out that the only obsession that can satisfy is to be obsessed with Jesus. I’ve been thinking a lot about that since I read it yesterday. When I started thinking about that second question, I realized that the less I am focused on Jesus, the less meaningful this whole blogging adventure becomes, the less meaningful life becomes.

I want to really know Jesus, to run to Him and lay aside the weighty sin that entangles. I want to dig into His word and spend time with Him and know Him and live like I love Him. I want to be faithful and a faithful witness. I want everything I do to be full of the fragrance of Christ, informed by the truth of His word. I want to love Him more fully, more deeply and to live in the light of His word.

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Lisa writes... said...

Someone googled that? Hilarious. Just so you know: your blogging has never left me in doubt of your love for Jesus nor of your desire to exalt Him in all things.