Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Status Report - September 2010

Following my friend Lisa’s lead again, I love this post format. semi-darkness, trying to type this post quickly because I need to get off the computer for the evening.

Drinking....water. Lots of water. Because the doctor AND pharmacist made a point to say that the antibiotic I’m taking needs lots of water...something about flushing out the kidneys. Alrighty then.

Reading....Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Chapter 4 this week. Perhaps I will say more after I’ve read the chapter. Perhaps.

Also reading....The Devil Amongst the Lawyers by Sharyn McCrumb. It’s another in her ballad novels series. I’ve liked the others. Not far enough into this one yet to tell if I like it yet.

Feeling....a little sad about something I’ll keep to myself.

Thankful....for the church we joined recently. It’s nice to have a home. It’s wonderful to be encouraged and challenged in the Word.

Contemplating....taking a blogging and Facebooking break. Not sure yet. I may need to step away for a bit. Part of that sadness up there, in a way. When it is no longer an enjoyable hobby, it’s probably time to take a breather and reconsider why I do it and how much time I should be spending. Today I spent way too much time on the computer and there were other things I needed to be doing that were neglected. That is not a good use of time, a precious commodity.

Weary.....that’s why I’m contemplating a break.

Grateful...beyond words for the grace and mercy I’ve been shown by the Savior. His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. quit for the night. Good-night, all.

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Heather said...

Weary and sad is understandable as you've had a busy season with moving. Also, grieving is a process and you need time and space to allow the Lord to comfort you. Know that you're being prayed for, not just for comfort, but for a time of great encouragment and productivity in your writing process as well. I so wish you lived a bit closer and hope you'll head this way for a visit soon--not sure I'll be near KY anytime.