Monday, December 06, 2010

Status Report - December 2010

My friend Lisa dreamed up a wonderful blog format when she started doing her status reports. Once again I’m borrowing it. my kitchen where my computer resides.

Feeling...a little chilly. It was a cold one today. May need to move to the living room soon and enjoy the gas fireplace which is keeping the thermostat warm enough that the heat isn’t coming on in the rest of the house, which is why the kitchen is a little chilly right now.

Drinking...the giant diet Coke my husband was so sweet to pick up for me on his way home from work. Yes, he does love me.

Waiting....for my cup of chocolate hazelnut decaf tea to finish steeping. Second one of the afternoon/evening. Yes, it is that good.

Enjoyed....meatloaf for dinner. Aren’t you jealous? drink less coffee. I don’t like it black, so I have to add creamer, lots of flavored creamer, and Sweet-N-Low, which I like, but the creamer adds fat and calories. Gotta cut back somewhere.

Loving....the Go Fish Christmas CD. Especially their arrangement of “Mary Did You Know.”

Reading....Harry Potter out loud with the boys. We’re on book 1. We’ve all read the series, but it’s just fun to read out loud together. They always want one more chapter, no matter how many I’ve already read.

Glad....the boys aren’t yet too old or too cool to enjoy reading out loud together.

Thankful...for grandparents. This is the first year ever that the ONE thing the boys wanted was something that I could not get for them for Christmas. Every single store was sold out as well as all the online sources - either sold out or charging exorbitant prices or backordered until Jan/Feb. When I mentioned this to my parents, they hung up the phone and went to their local store and found just the thing. Yea, Mom & Dad! Now they will also get to enjoy the boys’ excitement when they see them open their gifts in a few weeks. My mom & dad were also glad to hear I'm finally, finally going to take my old Barbie doll house out of their garage where it has lived for more years than I care to count right now. It will pass on to my little girl this year. Oh joy.

Also reading....a book by Ruth Rendell called Portobello. Just as creepy as all her other books.

Liked....the surprise snow we had this morning and early afternoon. Weather people had predicted 0% precipitation. They were not correct. I got to do my Christmas shopping in the snow. It was nice. Enough to be pretty, not enough to hinder things.

Very be done with the Christmas shopping. And without spending too much, that was nice, too. I’m sure there may be a few odds and ends still, but it’s done and wrapped for the most part. I think the kids are going to be surprised. I found something else I wanted to get them for a great price. I’d tell you what it was, but I never know who might read over my shoulder. The computer is out here in the kitchen, after all.

Feeling....better than I have in a very long time. Glad my doctor was willing to listen to my symptoms and see the whole picture rather than only going by the numbers and was willing to try a low-dose medication that is already making a big difference. Starting to feel like me again instead of the tired-all-the-time slug I’ve been for longer than I care to remember.

Thinking....Facebook is a blessing and a curse. Anyone who uses it probably knows what I mean.

Liked....this video that’s going around. I thought it was very cool when I saw it last week. If only all these people really understood the worship and praise these words mean! Such glorious words to sing!! go enjoy my tea. Cheers!


Voluptuous wild hair said...

wr1nkl3soccotI like the format Rebekkah. I have tried to blog but it's hard to put into wirting some days as to what goes on in my world.... The format sure does make it seem simpler.

Lisa writes... said...

Love the status reports, the reading even more than the writing! Thanks for reminding me as I almost forgot this month!

Love Harry, as you know. Thinking of re-reading the 7th again just for kicks.

Drinking your coffee black is an acquired taste but once you acquire it you love it; plus no calories!! :)

So glad you're feeling better!