Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Morning

5:15AM: Woke up to daughter calling, “Please turn my light on, it’s too dark!” She had to go potty and it was scary in the dark.

Back to sleep.

5:45AM: “I need a tissue!” - Same daughter. Beginning to think sleeping in this morning is optimistic thinking.

Back to sleep.

6:30AM: Dog retching, my shoulder felt wet, wet spot on bed. Nothing like having the dog puke on you when you’re trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning.

Got up and had shower, noticed that the laundry hamper in the bathroom is full. Interesting that. I just did laundry yesterday, how is it full? Somebody who shall remain nameless on this blog must have cleaned his room after I did laundry and, low and behold, dirty clothes. Lots of them. Explains why the nameless someone only had one shirt that I folded from the entire five loads of laundry I did yesterday. Grrr.

I’m thinking someone probably needs to be taught how to help with the laundry today as a practical lesson.

7:00AM: Carried sheets downstairs to be washed. Made oatmeal. Normally we do fun things for breakfast on Saturdays, but with a 9:00AM basketball game, not today.

7:30AM: Pondered how last night at dinner while having dinner with my family, I glanced at my favorite 12-year-old and thought, “What’s that dirt on his upper lip? Wait, that’s not dirt....that can’t be the beginnings of peach fuzz, not yet, no way, wasn’t he just a cute little toddler only yesterday? Waaaahhhhh!” Sun was shining in the window, and when the light shines just right on his face, you can see the faintest beginning of dark hair there on his lip. Am I ready for this? Teething and sleepless nights and baby stuff were nothing compared to this....

Posted that thought on Facebook and had a young mom ask if she’s ready for her babies to grow up. Answered her: You’ll be ready when you get there. It’s not easy, but God’s grace is enough!

And you know what? God’s grace is sufficient, and more than abundantly enough, for whatever today holds. He is the One who holds all things together, He sustains my very life. He has redeemed me and saved me and equips me to do the work He has prepared for me to do. And He chose to place these kids with me, and He knows them better than I ever could. I can trust Him to draw them to Himself. Because when she’s scared in the dark, or he needs to learn responsibility, or he is growing up so very fast, I can trust God to grant me the wisdom to be the mom He has called me to be, and I can trust Him to draw them to Himself and open their hearts to the gospel. And I fall on my face and thank Him for protecting me from the many and loud voices that are teaching error and plead for mercy and grace to have the discernment to be wise, and to teach my children how to be wise. When I feel so inadequate to this task, and I do so often, I can trust Him and know that He is ever interceding for me as High Priest, Savior and King. I can feast on His word and fill my mind with the wisdom He has provided and be ever mindful of my responsibility to talk to these children of these things as we rise up and as we sit down and as we walk along the way, and I can even trust Him with the many times when I fail or get swept up in the tyranny of the ordinary things and I can trust Him to knit it all together and grant me the grace to remember Him, to worship Him, in the midst of this Saturday.

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