Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I was opening up the window to try to air out the house a bit - two sick boys at home today. Well, one boy probably could have gone back to school, but tummy still hurts him this morning and he was still pretty puny last evening, so I thought another day at home wouldn’t hurt. On the roof outside the window was a beautiful bluebird. I love it when the little bluebirds come back! Brilliant blue feathers and a rusty red belly. So, I’m thankful for the beauty of God’s creation and the smile that little bluebird brought to my face as a reminder that Spring really is coming.

I’m thankful it’s not terribly cold and I can open the windows for a little bit. It’s getting chilly, so I’ll have to close up soon, but the fresh air is nice.

I'm thankful for good books to read.

I’m thankful for hot tea, especially Constant Comment. I’m going to go have some now.

Happy Thursday!


Veronica @ A Quiet Heart said...

I've lived in the barren desert (of Arizona) for the past 2 years...It seems like the only birds we saw were pigeons. Our new home state has all sorts of birds...Just this morning, I've seen a woodpecker, a cardinal, and a blue jay!! So many beautiful colors... I'm loving it!! All that to say, I share your joy in seeing the blue jays return!! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

Lisa writes... said...

LOVE open windows--among my favorite things about spring and fall!