Saturday, April 02, 2011

Status Update April 2011

Having a somewhat productive Saturday, in a sort of two steps forward, one step back kind of way. Posting a status update to try to revive the seemingly languishing blog.

Drinking....iced tea, what else? my daughter’s updates as she watches Tangled yet again.

Enjoying....Tangled. Really I do. I think it’s my favorite of the more modern Disney movies. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it’s better than, well, pretty much all the other modern Disney princess movies.....seriously, I like it.

Growing.... tired? Irritated? Not sure of the word to use regarding Disney princess fluffiness. But the girl is such a girly girl, and she loves it. I don’t so much mind the non-trademarked dress up fun, that’s fun. But the Disneyness gets to be a bit much. I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with letting her play and imagine and dress up and be fancy, but I do want to be mindful to find balance and teach her that beauty is about so much more than glitz and glam. “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31: 30

Making....crock pot roast for tomorrow’s lunch. Related question: Does anyone know if my crock pot will explode tomorrow morning if I put everything in it right now, put the whole thing in the fridge overnight, then take it out early in the morning and turn it on to cook while we’re at church? Because that’s the plan unless someone has prior unfortunate experiences to share between now and bedtime tonight.....

Thinking....I’ve been something of a disaster in the kitchen today. Made homemade salsa because husband is having friends over to watch basketball on Monday evening. Apparently there’s this big game or something :-). Anyway, I dropped a jar of jalapeƱos on my lethal tile floor. It was a spectacular mess, let me tell you. Oh, and if you cut your pinky on glass that is saturated with jalapeƱo juice while cleaning up such a spectacular mess, it does sting. In case anyone was wondering. Then, while browning the roast a minute ago, I burned the same pinky on the pan. Good thing all I have to do tomorrow is plug in the crock pot and turn it on. I have been known to forget the ‘on’ part before when crock-potting, too. Just keepin’ it real. Anyway, with that track record, you can see why the question in the point above.

Pondering....hanging up the blog and ending this part of my online life. It's not the first time I've toyed with the idea, and probably won't be the last, but I read this post the other day and realized that could have been my blog he’s talking about, every point. Felt right depressed for a bit, I did. Then I started thinking, well, why do I blog anyway? Is it to generate readership or is it more just to practice writing for my own sake and hope to encourage anyone who may happen to come along? I think it’s more the latter for sure. So, for now it just is what it is, I guess.

Realizing....I’m becoming obsolete in the technological revolution. Not that I was ever all that up on it, mind you, but I’m falling behind and don’t really want to keep up. Couple of things: After more than a year of forwarding through songs I don’t really like on my iPod in the “Christian Songs” playlist that we all share in the music library, it just this morning occurred to me that I can just make my own playlist and only put the songs I want to listen to and just check that list and uncheck the other list, and there you have it, no more forwarding past songs I don’t like. I’m slow. Bigger thing: ebooks, Kindles, and other things I totally don’t understand because I’ve not ventured over yet. I get that reading books that way will save a lot of space since you don’t have hundreds of books on the shelves, but I just don’t think I’ll ever get used to reading my books on a screen. I happen to really like holding a book and turning the pages and seeing the thickness of the pages on the right side slowly lessen and the left side slowly grow as I work my way through a book. I’m scared that by the time I get old, though, paper books may just be a thing of the past.

Wishing....all the numbers that come up “800 service” on my caller ID would get the hint already that I NEVER answer. Also wishing that number that I do recognize and which I've already talked to at least three times saying I truly do not want or need what they are selling would also quit calling. I NEVER answer that one anymore, either. Either leave a message or quit calling. I’m not picking up.

Hoping...I didn’t get someone in trouble the other day. This number I don’t recognize kept calling my cell phone, and I didn’t answer. The next day I got a text that said, “I want a cell phone when you get home.” I texted back and asked, “Who is this? Wrong number?” Got an angry text back saying I’d see if it’s a wrong number when I get home. Thing is, he/she called me ‘Masha.’ A few days later, same number called, so I answered, told her she had a wrong number, haven’t heard from her since. Guess someone else is as technologically hip as I am.

Telling you.....I don’t like the phone very much.

Saying.... “Happy birthday,” to my middle child today. Hard to believe he’s 10 today. Double digits. I’m so thankful for that funny, creative boy.

Waiting....for three books to come in the mail from various sources: Slave by John MacArthur, Soul Depths and Soul Heights by Octavius Winslow, and Holiness by J.C. Ryle. Some heavy reading in my future, and I’m looking forward to it. I keep checking the mailbox hopefully every day. much I want to live in a manner that is worthy of the Gospel and how much I want to honor Jesus with my words and thoughts and actions, and how much I want to hold true to what I've attained and press on to make it my own because Christ Jesus has made me His own, and how much I want that to be more than just words, but action in daily life.

And that’s about it for today in all its bloggity boringness.


Laura said...

Sorry I can't help you with the crockpot thing as I'm even more inept. And since I'm pretty much the only one in my immediate and extended family without an iphone or an e-reader or even an ipod, I can totally sympathize with the feeling of being technologically slow.
Oh, and by the way, please don't quit your blog! I for one am always encouraged.

Lisa writes... said...

I don't think your crock pot will blow up; did it? LOVE cooking in the slow cooker!

Homemade salsa? Yum! Do you share the recipe?

Please don't quit your blog (though I'm one to talk, ha!). I love our occasional, far too few, bloggy interaction! I'm with Laura--I am always encouraged by your thoughts! One day we'll share a glass of tea together; wouldn't that be FUN!

Rebekah said...

Thank you, ladies. No, the crock pot didn't explode and the roast was yummy. Hooray!

I wish I could share the salsa recipe, but I got it from Everyday Mommy's site some years ago and I don't think she still has a link to that old post. It's really good, though.

Glass of tea together would definitely be fun! One of these days, I hope!

Leslie said...

The wrong number story made me laugh. We get a lot of 800s calls, too. And we never answer. Whatever happened to the Do Not Call List? We used to be on that...

Anyway, keep blogging!