Friday, April 22, 2011

When You Can't Think of a Blog Post....**Updated at bottom

You could spend all afternoon trying to redesign your blog header. And yes, I'm so graphic artistically untrained this did take all afternoon. I'm sure I could probably write a whole post about how that was wasted time, but, it is what it is now. I finally decided the other one I amateurishly designed was too busy or big or I worked on this today. I think I need an opinion. Here's whatI came up with first this afternoon:

The type at the bottom is small - it's just what I have up there now without the blue background for the 'with lemon.'

Husband came home and I asked his opinion, and he said, "It's nice but you can't see the 'with lemon.' Can you just retype that part or put color behind it or something? I got prickly because the program I'm using is really amateur, seeing as I'm cheap and got it free online, and it's not super easy to use. It is not a matter of just retyping. It's a matter of redoing the whole thing. Then I repented the prickliness, because if you're going to ask an opinion, you better be willing to take the constructive criticism. I did want an honest opinion.

So, is it better the way I first did it,or the way it is now with the blue behind the yellow words? I feel like it emphasizes the 'with lemon' a little too much. Then again, since I'm still kind of plumbing the depths, so to speak, I am feeling a little more lemony than sweet at the moment. But I don't exactly want that to be what the blog header is saying when you first step onto the blog front porch.

Any thoughts? I promise that even if I feel prickly, I won't take it out on you. :-)

Update: Here's another one I think maybe will work as a compromise between the two since I like it w/o the blue better:

What do you think?

*Update again: Okay, I changed the font for the 'with lemon' part and added orange underneath the yellow. I think I like that one best. But I'll put the other one with the blue here so you know what it was and can still vote for it.

Okay, the header up there is, hopefully, the last change. Trying to decide now if I like this one better or the one I had up right before it with the Lemon in the same font as the Sweet Tea.


Mrs. H said...

I like it without the blue... (sorry MR. Sweet Tea with Lemon!) What if you changed your header and blog background to an off white? Maybe it wouldn't look so glaring against it? Sorry, I am a "see it" kinda girl, so I'm not so good at the suggestions without the playing around to see it first. :) (p.s. I too think it's a fun "waste" of time).

Rebekah said...

Thank you, Mrs. H.! I think I like it better w/o the blue also. I'll try the off white - if I can figure out how. Thanks! Drew also thinks I'm weird to write about not writing, but I say you really know you're a real blogger when you blog about not blogging. :-)

Mrs. H said...

perfect adjustment! lol, yes, no rules when it comes to blogging ;)