Sunday, May 15, 2011

Full to Overflowing

It's been a busy, but oh so good weekend.

Our church had a ladies' retreat this weekend, to which I almost did not go. A friend asked if I was going, and I waited until the very last minute to turn in my registration - and I only did that because my husband all but insisted that I go. He said I needed it and I am always glad when I go. He was right. Again. I told my friend on the way there that I was the least prepared - spiritually, emotionally, physically, and every way - than I'd ever been for any retreat I've ever attended. was good....good for me. I needed the fellowship, and even more importantly, I needed the encouragement I received from the speaker and the encouragement she gave in reminding us to rest in our Savior, Jesus Christ, and to seek Him first with all our heart and then to serve out the overflow of His love as we spend time in prayer and feasting on His word daily.

Last night we had a Sunday School fellowship. Again, I almost didn't go because I had just gotten home from the retreat and thought I just wanted a night at home. But, again, husband all but insisted that we go. He was right. Again. Are you sensing a trend here? It was a relaxing evening of enjoying the company of friends we got to know a little better, and I have not laughed so hard or so long in a very long time.

What a blessing the reminder to rest in Jesus and savor His word and the joy of laughter has been. What a balm to a sinking heart that was struggling with the blues for quite a while now. I needed this weekend.

And top it all off with a lovely day with my church family today. I said on Facebook this afternoon that every Sunday I find that I want to say something about how full my heart is after meeting with my church family and how words are never enough to describe what I want to say. There is something very powerful about gathering together to worship the Lord corporately that words just really cannot express fully. And when you think about it, that is only a glimpse through a glass darkly of what heaven will be like when the Body of Christ made up of the saints from all the ages and all people groups worship Jesus and know Him fully and see Him face to face. What a glorious day that will be.

For now, I am grateful for the blessing of being part of the Body of Christ here. May I love Him more and more, and may I serve for the joy of knowing Him and the power of His resurrection and may I learn to serve from the overflow of His merciful, gracious love that has redeemed me to be part of His people. May I remember that God will use me here where He has planted me and it is good.

And I am grateful for my husband who lovingly encourages me to quit being a hermit and enjoy what he so wisely knows I need.

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Lisa writes... said...

What a wonderful weekend! Thank you for sharing so that we too may boast in the Lord. I also love my church family with the kind of fullness that is difficult to articulate. He is so good! And my online friends and sisters? What a God!