Monday, January 09, 2012

On a Lighter Note....Once Upon a Time

On a (much) lighter note.....anyone watching “Once Upon a Time”? If not, you’ll probably want to go ahead and skip this post. It’s a pretty frivolous post anyhow. If you do watch, there’s a tad bit of a spoiler from last night’s episode at the end, fair warning. My husband and I really enjoy it, which, sad to say, usually means it won’t last and they’ll pull the show leaving us with a cliff-hanger and no resolution. I don’t understand why trashy, crummy shows like, oh, say, “The Bachelor” (No, I don’t watch it, can’t stand it, hate it, hate the whole premise of it, saw a bit of it the other day by accident and was reminded why I hate it) keep coming on season after season, but smart and interesting shows like, oh, say, “V,” “The Event,” “Flash Forward,” “Jericho,” and “Earth 2” to name a few, don't last (anyone remember “Earth 2”? I still feel all out of sorts over the way NBC left that one hanging and it’s been at least 16 years or so....).    :-) 
I don’t think I can name one 30-minute sitcom on any of the networks that I like or even try to tolerate at the moment. Most I’ve tried are - again - trashy in one way or another. But I do like creative, well-plotted mystery/story type shows, like “Once Upon a Time.” I’m also really enjoying “Downton Abbey” on PBS Masterpiece Classic, if you’re interested, and I could share a few other shows we enjoy if you care to know.  I liked LOST for most of the show’s run until they totally ruined it with the ending, which I hated, by basically saying ALL of the mysteries and storylines were so many red-herrings and pointless, IMO. I still find myself trying to remember what was the point of that dishwasher scene with Sayid, Hurley, the knives, and the bad guy, whoever he was, because I think about it every time I load the silverware into my dishwasher. I am weird like that. And the Others.....I don’t think that really got resolved to my satisfaction. Saw a funny video about that the other day, though, and it made me laugh.
Anyway, we’re enjoying “Once Upon a Time” and the way the backstories of the characters are peeling away each episode. 
Last night’s episode was really good, too. I found myself saying, “Oh, maybe Rumpelstiltskin won’t be so bad, after all.” And then, “Whoa....maybe not. Evil he is...and scary to boot,” And I keep thinking maybe, just maybe the queen/mayor won’t be totally corrupt, but then I think, “Nope, wrong again.”
So, now I’m thinking Emma Swan is going to one day find herself faced with the same decision Rumpelstiltskin had in last night’s episode...only I’m hoping she makes a better choice. 
If ABC is patient and lets the show unfold and stay on the air long enough to answer such questions, that is.....

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A Complete Thought said...

I'm a Once Upon A Timer too. I wholeheartedly agree with the trashy stuff comments. I long for a well-written script and character developments. I loved fairy tales as a child (I also like the Grimm series b/c I love the sci-fi aspect), and it is interesting to me how they are filling in backstory to familiar fairy tales. I hope it stays.