Friday, January 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday - on Friday

A few, but certainly not all, of the things I’m thankful for today, and I didn't get around to writing a post on Thursday, so here it is "Thankful Friday":
One hour delay this morning.....I didn’t get the call until this morning after I’d already gotten up at 5AM, my normal wake-up time. However, the call was early enough that I had not yet gotten the kids up, so I got an extra hour this morning to read my Bible and have some coffee. With the earlier schedule here I have really missed that early morning quiet time. And the kids all woke up on their own, happy and ready to go (some more ready to go to school than others seeing as the boys went to bed just sure we would have a snow day today. But I enjoyed the quiet house for a bit this morning, and I really like that time. 
The roads are not nearly as icy and slick as I was fearing last night that they would be today. Yesterday it went from drizzling and raining and wet all morning to snowing and dropping temperatures all afternoon/evening, and during the 45 minutes I was at gymnastics with my daughter yesterday afternoon the doors to the van froze shut and the roads felt pretty slick on the way home as I felt the anti-lock breaks engaging often and slight slides on turns. Roads are better today, it seems, and I’m thankful because....
My husband is flying home for the weekend. :-) Kids and I get to drive to Louisville to pick him up at the airport this evening, and this Florida girl is really glad the roads aren’t slick, after all. I have yet to get used to driving in winter weather. I’m thankful he gets a long weekend break from the Army school he’s doing this winter and gets to come home. 
A simple and easy app for my phone that helps me track calorie intake and exercise so I can get on track to a healthier lifestyle. I do want to lose some weight, but the main reason is that I want to feel healthier and more energetic and less sluggish from the extra pounds. Day 3 using it today, and it hasn’t really been too bad. I’ve managed to stay within 20 calories of the daily goal the first two days. I do think it will be even better if I get up and exercise more because it allows more calories when you’re burning more. Anyway, it adds just that added bit of accountability I needed because I have to think, “Do I want to type that in?” or “Do I have room in the calorie budget for this?” before I put something in my mouth. 
A lack of desire for soda and chocolate. I know, right? But I can honestly say that I don’t crave chocolate at the moment. This is huge for me. The last bit of chocolate I ate made me feel so....ugh...that I don’t really crave sweet stuff so much. And I haven't had a diet Coke since about January 3. I'm actually craving water to drink and drinking lots of it rather than empty calories and chemical-laden drinks. And I’m thankful, because that sweet stuff really eats up the calorie budget quick.
Real friends who love my family in the name of Christ. I am so thankful for my church family. We really have found a home here, and I pray for my church often that God will protect us and guide us to love and honor His word in obedience. Northside Baptist is a really sweet body of believers and I’m so humbled and thankful that God used this move here to answer my prayers that I’ve prayed for years in allowing us to be here for this season in our lives. I have prayed for years that God would bring a kindred spirit kind of friend to me who would share not just regular life stuff but that I could share about Him and have a real bond as sisters in Christ together, and after all the wilderness years, God has provided and beyond here with not just one friend to share and love and confide in, but several. And I am so very thankful.

Thankful I read this post the other day. 
God’s word, and a desire and hunger to know it and heed it. I have been struggling through a kind of malaise again where I feel like I don’t feel anything. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but if you’ve been there, you know exactly what I mean. But I am thankful for sound doctrine that helps me to know that lack of feeling doesn’t equate to lack of faith. My hope, my rock, the anchor of my soul is Jesus, and He is ever faithful, ever interceding for His people, even when I feel distant and cold and that indescribable thing that I’ve got going at the moment where I feel so guitly because it seems I’m just going through motions. Have you ever noticed these betraying feelings tend to come right when you have come through some kind of spiritual victory? But because we don’t trust in feelings but in Christ, I don’t have to become discouraged. Because our purpose in this life is not to seek after some experience or to feel some special thing but to give honor to Him, He grants faith to persevere and lay aside the weights that entangle us. It is not in my ability, or lack thereof, to feel something that I rest my confidence. It is in Jesus, in His sacrifice on my behalf, in His priesthood and kingship, in the fact that He is my advocate who has made me His own. He is faithful and so much more. Jesus is the anchor for my soul and His kindness real and His mercies are new every morning. Yes and amen.
And for that I am thankful.

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