Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Status Report - January 2012 the kitchen.
Drinking....water from my new pitcher. It’s a fruit infusion pitcher, in which I put slices of orange, lemon, and lime in the center core to flavor my water. Makes drinking more water tasty, thereby helping me to drink lots more water. Part of the “I need to lose weight” regime I’m starting. I’m also drinking the (unsweet) tea I poured so I could take the picture to make my new header up there. I was feeling like a change. Like it?
Wondering...if I’m lying because the tea in the cup in the picture is actually unsweet while the title of the blog is “Sweet Tea With Lemon.” My daughter noticed the discrepancy and keeps asking me why I’m not drinking sweet tea when it clearly says it’s sweet on the title. have the Christmas decorations organized (better than I’ve ever organized them before, which means they weren’t thrown haphazardly in the boxes) and put away and the routine back to sort of normal. House is even cleanish. 
Sad...that I’m an Army-induced single mom for a few months while husband attends a mandatory Army school thing. The first day is the hardest, then you just get about the business of living and routine. At least he’s not overseas.
Reading....the Bible through chronologically this year. I’ve always wanted to read it this way. I use the ESV.
Also reading...Book 2 in the Vespers vs. Cahills series from The 39 Clues - I’ve read the whole series along with the boys. Finding this one kind of boring.... Next I’ll be reading a book called The Limit by Kristen Landon, another book I found through my oldest son. Looks interesting. The boys got a lot of good books for Christmas that I’m interested in reading, too.

Thinking...this is a strange winter. It's been warmish with very, very little snow so far. No sticking snow to speak of yet. It was 16 degrees yesterday, but supposed to be in the 50's this weekend. I'm not complaining, but I'm wondering if this year or last year are the norm for this area. Last year we had already had several snow days and it was cold with no respite until maybe March. Again, I'm not complaining, though. Maybe if the milder weather holds I can do some walking. "I need to lose weight." 
Fighting...the temptation to stay home tonight. Kids have Awana, but I don’t have choir practice. We’re going.
Planning...on leftovers for dinner tonight. The chicken and noodles I made last night were so good we need to have them again tonight. :-)
Looking....forward to a new year, and glad our church got to welcome our new pastor and his family on Sunday. Looking forward to the exciting days ahead for our church.
Happy January!

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