Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boo and the Vacuum Beast

My daughter hates the vacuum. Truth be told, so do I, but for vastly different reasons I am sure. I think it’s the noise she hates. And she’s such a light sleeper, I can’t wait and vacuum during nap time because she wakes up and doesn’t get a nap and is crabby for the rest of the afternoon. So, I vacuum while she is awake and screaming, feeling like Evil Mom-Lady as I step over her screaming self and try to get the floor clean.

At first I thought it was just that she wanted my attention because when I run the vacuum she follows me around with her arms in the air screaming and wanting to be picked up. I’ve tried stopping and reading to her and snuggling and spending time with her then going back to it, but it doesn’t help. I’ve also tried carrying her around with me, but she’ll be two in a little more than a week and she’s really heavy. The desire for attention isn’t even the problem, turns out, because she can be engrossed in Sesame Street (we’ll discuss my poor mothering practices by bribing with Big Bird some other time, thank you – for the record, before you have children, don’t say things like, “I’ll never use the TV for a baby sitter,” or lots of other ‘nevers’ until you get there. Otherwise, you may eat a lot of your words. Not that I routinely use the TV for a baby sitter, but Big Bird does buy a few minutes of lunch making time, if you know what I mean.)

Anyhoo, she can be playing happily by herself, but once I turn on the loud vacuum beast, she turns into screaming, throw herself in the floor in despair baby. But the floor must be vacuumed sometime!

I suppose one could make the case that her distress over the vacuum beast results from not having enough exposure to it. One would probably want to be careful about saying such a thing out loud in my hearing. I’m just sayin’ is all.

So, the floors are vacuumed once again today and ready to be mopped once I get lunch done and playtime outside and Boo down for nap. But, for the record, we’re both pretty glad the vacuum beast is back in its cave for the moment.


Veronica said...

My daughter is the exact same way!! :)
Now 3, she will burrow into the couch cushions (since I can no longer carry her around!) and hide from the evil contraption until all is quiet, and she is sure that it is safely locked away in the hall closet... :)
We are both very relieved once it is finally put away, but as you said, I suspect it is for very different reasons!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.... daughter is the same way too, and also 3. She used to climb on the highest thing she could find, the couch, her table, her father... until said beast was quiet and locked away. Someone needs to invent a quieter vacuum.