Thursday, April 10, 2008

His Hands

Hands which healed the sick and lame
While others would raise up stones and lay down blame
His hands wrote in sand, and His spoken word laid bare
The sin in which they all took share
Hands which held and blessed the children
Hands which never committed sin

Hands dirty with clay placed on a blind man’s eyes
Compassion on a father’s cries
Hands which raised little girl from her bed
Where parents had wept and seen her dead
His voice which with authority called out,
“Lazarus, come forth,” and Lazarus, from the grave came out
A house of prayer He said the temple was to be
Not the den of thieves they’d caused it to be
His hands cleansed the temple with righteous anger and holy zeal
And then the blind and lame came to the temple for Him to heal.

Hands which washed disciples’ feet
Hands which served the last meal with them He’d eat
Hands which broke the bread and passed the cup
At the Passover meal before He was delivered up
Hands which healed a servant’s ear
While in the Garden His betrayer had drawn near

Hands which bled from nails on a cross
While disciples mourned what they feared was loss
Blood that was shed to atone my sin
And the ransom for my soul to win

Hands which bear those scars today
As our risen Lord has washed our sin away
At the right hand of God He intercedes for His sheep
And His covenant we can be confident He will keep
The scars, His wounds, forever on His feet and hands
For those who believe on Him, as our advocate He stands
And God’s justice is satisfied to look on Him who died
And pardon us and cause us in Him to abide
Because He rose again and forever He stands
I know, I know I am safe in His hands
His hands and feet were scarred so we
Could be made whole and given eyes to see
His glory forever and always
May our lips never cease to sing His praise.

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Nanny said...

Beautiful post!

Awesome blog!

God Bless!