Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Veronica at A Quiet Heart has given me a sweet blogging award.




I haven’t felt much like blogging this past week, but I want to thank Veronica for thinking of my blog in this way. I still find that I am a little nervous when I hit the “Publish Post” button, even after 3 years of blogging. Have I really been doing it so long already? It is somewhat easier than it used to be to write those posts, but there are still some times when I feel very weird thinking about the fact that there are actually people who read my blog. And that some of them like it at times. And we all know that a blogger's love language is comments. Thank you to all of you who comment once in a while. It's always so encouraging!

What a funny thing this blogging hobby is. I recently was thinking about how hypocritical I feel when I type out a heartfelt post where I’ve really tried to work out some thoughts or flesh out what I believe, and I write what I know is true, but maybe I don’t feel it yet. Something that was in our Tuesday Bible study this week helped me with that. Nancy Guthrie, in chapter 5 of her book Hoping for Something Better, while discussing the need to grow deeper in the faith, mentioned that unless we write out or talk out the truths of scripture and really wrestle with them we won’t truly make them ours and truly understand them to the point where they become a part of who we are and what we live. That was an ‘aha’ moment for me when I read that. This is what blogging has been for me. This is why I blog. Granted a lot of what I blog is fluff, but it has been a necessary place and outlet for me to hash out and wrestle out what I believe and to work out what I’m learning, too. And blogging has connected me with other like-minded bloggers who also love God’s word and enjoy writing about the serious and the not so serious things of life. So, thank you, Veronica, for mentioning my blog. I am enjoying getting to read your blog, too!


The Rules: The recipient of the award chooses 15 bloggers to pass the award on to, and shares seven things about themselves.


Now I get to pass this award along. I’m sorry to say that I have had to seriously pare down my blog reading since I was taking too much time at it, and recently I have not been very good at looking for new blogs to follow now that I waste, ahem, spend too much time on Facebook these days, so I didn’t follow the rules all the way to 15 in my list. I decided not to feel guilty about that and go with what I have here. However, these are bloggers I have enjoyed ‘meeting’ and who I check in with regularly - some since way back when I began blogging, and some more recently. I’m not even sure how I came across some of these blogs, but here is my list to award:

A Complete Thought

Everyday Mommy

Reflections of the Times

Three Times a Mom

Standing Firm in Quicksand


Lisa Writes

The Upward Call


The rules also said to share 7 things about myself. After 3+ years of blogging, I’m not sure I have 7 random things left to share. Let’s see what I can come up with:

  1. . I used to hate coffee. Over the past two years I have come to enjoy it, and even crave it. I do not yet like it black, however. Most days I drink it with hazelnut creamer and Splenda.
  2. I don’t like to exercise, but I miss it when I get out of the habit. My metabolism is so slow at the moment, I can’t seem to lose weight no matter how hard I try, however. But at least regular exercise and healthy eating keep me from gaining more.
  3. The first words out of my daughter’s mouth every morning are, “Where are we going today?” She is not very much like her mother, who would be in danger of becoming a hermit without the go, go, go attitude Boo exhibits.
  4. I am very ready for spring to get here. I miss the sun. I am tired of wearing a coat, and even more tired of keeping up with the kids’ coats. This Florida girl has had to make a big adjustment to the concept of winter now that I live in the midwest. I still like to see snow fall, though. And you can’t beat the beauty of spring and fall here.
  5. I enjoy the TV show LOST. Okay, that’s not exactly news to anyone who has been reading here for long. I’m enjoying this last season, and curious to see how the mysteries will all come together.
  6. I am not at all comfortable with dolls - of any size, on up to store mannequins. They creep me out. I think I’ve watched one too many Twilight Zone episodes. I also do not at all like clowns.
  7. I am seriously thinking about growing my hair out. Again. I wonder how long I will stick with it this time.


Kim said...

Oh, Rebekah, thank you so much for including me in your list. I think my list would very much look like yours. Thank you!

Mrs. H said...

Thanks for the award! :)
I have enjoyed "meeting" you through your blog as well.
I am the same way about coffee - finally, at 30 years of age, I have come to like and crave it as well!

Leslie said...

Wow, thanks for including me in your top 9!!

I'm very glad spring is close, too. Though it's still chilly out, I can tell the days are getting longer. It makes me happy.

Laura said...

Thanks for the award Rebekah! I'm quite sure I don't deserve any kind of award, and equally sure that you're just really nice =).

Lisa Spence said...

Thank you for including me on this list of bloggers I both respect and enjoy. And right back at you, my friend! Your reasons and processes behind the blogging are very much like my own--and I too am glad for the community and camaraderie I've found with so many godly bloggers (like yourself)!