Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Food Weirdness

I went to the Y today and managed to really push through and did an hour of cardio and some weights. Not a bad morning.

Anyway, after all that exercising, I am hungry now that it is lunch time. Problem is, nothing sounded good to me. Nothing sounded like something I could eat. So, I’m having spinach (cooked with a little margarine and Creole seasoning), two boiled eggs, and two pieces of toast. Weird, but that is all that sounds good about now, and it sounds really good. Some people crave pickles and ice cream, I crave toast and spinach. I guess if I have to crave something, spinach is not a bad thing to crave.

The thing is, I am weird about toast, too. I like it very crunchy. Not burned, however, just very crunchy. I do not like it the way the toaster does it. It is not crunchy enough, even when burned when done in the toaster. I like to butter the bread and then let it dry and toast in the oven, where it gets just the right crunchiness without burning. Reminds me of the toast at Lake Yale when I went to GA camp there as a little girl. That is probably why I like it. Good memories. Everyone used to complain about the hard toast, but I liked it. Is it sad that the thing I’m remembering most right now from my times at Lake Yale is the toast? I know there were lots of other things that changed me there, too, but today it’s the toast that has my attention.

That’s about all I have for blogging thoughts at the moment. Except that I’m a little on pins and needles to find out what my doctor will say about some lab work we had done on Monday. Apparently my thyroid seems to be underactive and he needed to run some more tests to determine what to do about it. I hope we get answers soon. Underactive thyroid is not a good thing to have going on during pregnancy. Praying for peace and wisdom. You know, I kind of see all that as a blessing, because underactive thyroid would explain A LOT of things about me that I have struggled with for years but have not felt were serious enough to get checked out - feeling tired, thinking I must just be a ‘low-energy’ kind of person wondering how in the world some people do everything they do, not being able to lose that last 25 pounds no matter how hard I exercise and eat healthy, some of the emotional lows I go through periodically, all of it could be explained by this if they find that this is truly what is going on. I just hope they find out what to do and that it will be soon enough to hopefully help this baby to develop and grow as he or she should.

Also, I have some thoughts about LOST, which we watched last night. Maybe I’ll blog about that later, if anyone is interested. Maybe I won’t. We’ll see how the day goes today. :-)

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