Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Fish Died at Tea Time - Updated

I just noticed that my son's fish is looking really wrong. Upon closer inspection, he seems to have expired. Sid will be experiencing the royal flush later on. Because of the rough week we've had, I am a little emotional and hormonal. I bawled when I saw that little fish nose down at the bottom of his bowl. I am dreading telling Michael that his fish is no longer among the living. Then again, his big brother seems to care more about the fish than he does. Joshua is the one that's always asking, "Did anyone feed Sid?"

We briefly contemplated buying a replacement and not telling Michael, but that would be wrong. Besides, it will be that much easier this summer when we move if we don't have to transport a Betta fish that no one but Boo has paid any attention to lately. Oh, dear. I just realized Boo is going to be crushed. She hugs his bowl every night before bed and says, "Good-night, Sid."

I think we'll wait to tell them until after Joshua's basketball game and dinner, since it's just about time to leave anyhow.

Poor Sid.

**Update: It looks like we will be burying the fish this afternoon. Michael couldn't stand the idea of flushing him. There is something extremely heart wrenching about tears in an 8-year-old boy's eyes when he is valiantly trying not to show them.

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Laura said...

Poor Rebecca. Little things seem so much bigger when they're piled on top of heartache. I have a beta fish that I've been ready to see die for quite some time now (I seem to be the only one who remembers he exists). Let me know if you want me to ship him to you =)!