Thursday, October 20, 2011

Has It Really Been Five Years Already?

I just realized today is my “Blogoversary.” Five years of blogging as of today. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but when I remember that my little girl was just a little bitty baby, not even a year old when I started this blog, and here she is 5 and a half now, well....time does march on. If I were a truly motivated blogger, I could link to some of my favorites today to mark this momentous occasion. I do not feel so moved at the moment, however. I can tell you that back when I started this little hobby I probably wouldn’t have thought I’d still be blogging five years later. I still remember how petrified I was every time I hit the publish button in the beginning. I still am sometimes. 

Blogging helped me to fill a very lonely period in my life, the time I called my "Desert time." The time we lived "on the island" in South Carolina was a growing time for me, definitely, but it was a very lonely time, too. I was not terribly sad when the Lord allowed my husband to get the call to go active duty Army and move us to St. Louis after five years of what was a wilderness of sorts for me. God was so very faithful and kind during that time, and I don't regret our five years there at all. But I definitely am thankful for the blogging fellowship that grew out of that time, also. Blogging has really helped me to learn to think through my faith and to learn to even better search the Scriptures as I'm working through things. 
I am thankful for this hobby of blogging. Through it I’ve met some sweet sisters in Christ I never would have had the chance to meet this side of heaven otherwise. And though at times I clarify my friends by ‘real’ friends and ‘blog’ friends, I have to say that some of the friendships I’ve formed here aren’t really less real than other friendships, though by necessity they are less close. Thanks to those of you who read regularly and comment. As you know, a blogger’s love language is comments. I’ve enjoyed ‘meeting’ you, blog friends. Thanks, too, to those who read but don’t comment. I hope my ramblings have a few worthwhile posts among them to make your day brighter or encourage you to think once in a while. Whatever the case, I am thankful to have this little space to think out loud. 
I really do want to blog more regularly again. I miss it. You’d think after 5 years I would have found my voice here, but I still have shaking fingers before posting most of the time. Maybe those nerves never truly go away. 
Anyway, thanks for reading, to those of you who’ve stuck around or stumbled across my little Sweet Tea place along the way. I think I’ll keep going a little while longer.


Mrs. H said...

Awww. Happy (belated) five years! Stick with it :) It's been fun getting to "know you" through your blog!

Lisa writes... said...

Happy bloggy anniversary! So we were blog newbies at the same time! I am so glad our blog paths crossed and that as a result we are friends... How good is our God!