Monday, October 17, 2011

Just Another Afternoon in the Kitchen

I see that quite a few of my bloggy friends are attempting to get back to writing daily blog posts! This is something I would like to do, also, but I’m not ready to make promises on that front. My trepidatious relationship with my blog leads me to long dry spells and times when I’m somewhat reluctant to post my thoughts out here at all for just anybody to read, and times of swirling insecurity where I contemplate not posting another blog post ever again. Then I get to where every post ends up being long and, well, too much. Maybe I need to try the everyday blogging thing. Would it help to lighten up the feel of my blog if I didn’t save it all up for the big posts? Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?
I suppose I could share a snapshot of what this afternoon entailed and therefore a glimpse at what daily blogging might possibly look like, and let you, my few remaining friendly readers, decide:
I’ve mentioned before that I’m something of a disaster in the kitchen. I think my escapade today may just be my most spectacular mess yet. 
Trying to make the easy version of banana pudding for my banana-pudding loving kiddos, a feat I have completed successfully quite often in the past, I made a valiant start by placing the first layer of vanilla wafers in the dish, slicing the first banana and arranging it just so. So far so good, yes? 
Enter the chaos that intruded upon my moment of domestic homemaker bliss.  
I typically use my blender to mix the boxed pudding, so I measured the milk, put in the pudding mix, turned it on, and promptly turned my back to throw away the banana peel. Upon turning back around, I saw my blender spewing yellow pudding mess all over the kitchen. My response? “Ack, ah, what?????!!!!!” Coherence is not my strong point in a crisis moment. 
Apparently I had not sufficiently checked to make sure the bottom of the blender was securely attached to the jar. I had carefully checked to make sure the bottom was securely on the blender base, but the jar? Escaped my notice. The jar was slowly turning and pudding was pooling out the bottom and spewing forth in a fine yellow mist. It was quite exciting.
And sticky. Very sticky.
So. In a fit of optimism I started laughing and talking to myself about how I don’t think I’ve made quite such a marvelous mess in the kitchen before. I’ve come close but this one was the worst for today. So far. Laughing beats crying when the mess is that spectacular. 
In another fit of.....something, call it optimism if you will, I googled “Homemade banana pudding” to see if I could salvage the treat. Right. Like I’ve EVER made homemade, not from a box, pudding before in my life. Turns out you need eggs for that, and all that I have in the fridge are egg beaters at the moment. In a fit of waning optimism at this point, I googled “homemade pudding with egg beaters.” Suffice to say, unless I find a way to get to the grocery store in the next little bit, we aren’t going to be having banana pudding tonight. Possibly tomorrow....
Take home message: Though I may have lived a mere 45 minutes from Savannah for 5 years of my recent adult life, Paula Deen I am not. There are days my family is lucky to get something resembling a home-cooked meal absent some kind of kitchen incident. But that meal is made with love.....


Mrs. H said...

Ooooo goodness... total props to you for choosing to laugh! Good ole google; bummer it didn't come up with a winning recipe for you. (Although I must say "ewwww, banana pudding?!") ;)

Lisa said...

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself.
I have never made homemade pudding either, not sure I want to. Personally, I think there is a no reason not to use the perfectly good pudding mix in a box. And, by the way, the philosophy here at my house is if it came out of my kitchen, it is homemade.