Thursday, October 13, 2011

Status Report October 2011 my car - well, while I was hand writing the original of this in my spiral notebook journal I was, anyway. Now I'm sitting at the computer desk in my kitchen, naturally. Well, when you all read this, I don't know anymore where I am, since you could be reading it anytime and I won't still be sitting at the computer desk then. :-)

Pondering....just how much we must love our sons to sit in our cars on a chilly, wet, gray, muddy, intermittently rainy Fall evening, eating Subway for dinner on the run in the car while we wait on our boys to become sufficiently muddy during two hours of football practice. This after 45 minutes of waiting for a certain little girl to have her gymnastics class earlier this afternoon. Just livin' the dream, baby. Or maybe we're just a little crazy. That too.

Eating....Subway ham and cheese on wheat with lettuce, pickles, onion, red vinegar, tomato and oregano. Just the way I like it. And a diet Coke. Rachel's having Mickey D's. Yuck. Michael will get his Subway when practice is over. Like I said, sports crazy. (Actually, see point above. Now that I'm not in the car and everyone but me is going to bed, I'm just about to enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Chai latte here, in my Disney mug, because in spite of that rather long post I wrote, we did have fun family time there and the further out from the inundation that I am the more I can appreciate the parts I like about our fun together there. And Pumpkin Spice Chai latte is just......Ahhhhh. Just saying, "Pumpkin," makes me feel all cozy and snug.) husband and oldest son. Drew took Joshua on a Father-Son field trip to Washington D.C. and New York City. Even got the days officially excused from school as an educational enhancement opportunity. Drew has some really neat stuff planned for them to do. I know they're having fun, and I'm glad Drew wants to spend some one-on-one time with our newly teenaged boy.

Thinking....I have cake issues. There is about half a chocolate cake sitting in my fridge. It keeps loudly tempting me to issue it into my mouth. See? Cake issues. Anyone want to come eat this cake and get it away from me? Which leads me to the other big news. The cake is birthday cake from my son turning into a teenager yesterday. We have a teenager in the house now. Well, when he comes home from his trip we will. Did I mention it? in the world my baby boy is 13 as of yesterday. How grateful I am that God granted us the awesome privilege and responsibility of parenting him 13 years ago. How grateful I am that God allows us to be Michael's and Rachel's mom and dad, too.

Soaking....up the beauty of Fall leaves. Thankful for the beauty of God's creation as it is displayed in such abundance of eye-drenching colors.

Bummed....because new white tennis shoes and clumsy misstep into ankle deep, rich, red Kentucky mud are not a happy combination.

Relieved....that laundry soap and washing machine took care of my mud and white shoes conundrum. Mostly-ish.

Surprised....that "Mostly-ish" did not get a red or green squiggly line under it when I typed it.

Excited...that my baby, my Kindergartner is reading. She reads out street signs and store signs all the time now. And last night, she read a book to me before bed. Did you catch that? She read a book to me. Woot! Another reader in the Sweet Tea house! Woot! Woot! Addition and Subtraction rap CD. (This was back in the car). It's a little irritating after the first track or two, but daughter requested it, and how can I refuse? She actually likes learning math facts when they are rapped at her by a cat and mouse duet. Shrug.

Reading.....The Missing series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Yet another series that Joshua was reading that I find interesting, also. I've liked everything I've read by this author. One very cool thing about having kids who LOVE to read is that they have introduced me to some good books I probably never would have read otherwise. And we get to enjoy discussing them together, too. Coolness.

Thankful, humbled, and God's mercy, compassion, and awesome greatness. What a humbling and truly awesome thing it is when He allows you to see a glimpse of how He is working when you have been praying a gospel-centered prayer for someone. It's wonderful when you walk with the Lord and pay attention and see He is working in all things for His glory. Wondrous grace and matchless joy! church. Looking forward to exciting things I trust the Lord has for us to participate in during the near future. So thankful for this family of believers in the Lord Jesus who gather together at Northside Baptist Church.

Happy October!

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