Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Didn't Really Mean to Hit the Delete......

I went to edit an earlier post and had some difficulty getting the edited version to post. In my sleep deprived state, I accidentally deleted the whole post. Bummer. It was something I'd thought a lot about and even had a comment come back. But, now that I've thought about it, maybe I don't want all my musings about breastfeeding up anyway, so I won't try to rewrite most of it.

So, today I'll focus on some things that I'm thankful about. Hubby made it home safely last night from Nashville (got to love those last minute trips for the Army Reserve!). I never sleep well when he's gone, hence, the sleep-deprived state mentioned above. So the kids are glad to have Daddy home and I am, too. The boys are getting along well today - we've had all kinds of Star Wars re-enactment going on this morning. Great fun. Baby girl has slept until 6 am for two nights in a row (I'm whispering here - hopefully this is a trend). I finally don't feel guilty anymore about beginning the weaning process earlier than I had wanted to. And she is healthy and happy. It's easy to wallow in frustration when people need to question whether I'm still breastfeeding or not, but I am learning to just let people say what they will and go on and do what is right for our family and not take offense. When we've wrestled with the decision to BF or bottlefeed, homeschool or not or whatever, it's hard to see that what is right for us may not be what is right for another family, so I'm learning to keep my own opinion to myself unless asked. I also said in that earlier post, that I hope that if I am doing something that violates scripture or will cause someone to stumble, I hope a godly sister in Christ will come along and correct me in love - biblically - but that we will have the grace to allow for differences on the other stuff. (ok, that's all I'll say about the first post that I managed to banish into the blackhole of cyberspace, and I know it probably won't make much sense without the context of the other post, but I know what I mean.). The weather is great today after all day gray skies and rain yesterday. Today it's cool and sunny - my favorite. We have food to eat, clothes to wear and a beautiful home. I realize that I've been blessed with so much, and it's so easy to take it for granted.

Thank You, Lord for a beautiful day to reflect on the blessings You've provided. May I not take them for granted. In all I do, let me seek You first, and be willing to do whatever You ask with the blessings I've been given. Let me practice being a blessing as well - to my family and to anyone You put in my path.

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