Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Something Wonderful

We started something wonderful today. We've been going through the Truth and Grace Memory Book with the boys and teaching them the chatecism and suggested scripture passages. Well, we've tried doing it in the evenings, but it just seems to get left off too often, so today I decided to work with the boys this morning while we had breakfast. It was so neat, because that focused time really allowed them to open up and ask some interesting questions. I like the questions, because it lets me know they are interested and they are hearing and taking to heart the things we're learning - and I'm learning the passages right along with them. I want to keep on doing this in the morning. It is such a blessing to be able to turn their minds to the Lord before taking them to school. I'm trying to make sure I read my Bible first thing, too, when I'm up so early each morning. I am praying the Holy Spirit will drive His Word deep into their hearts while they are still young so that they will have this treasure trove to recall as they grow and it will come to mind when temptations come. I'm truly looking forward to spending this time with the kids in the mornings. Then when we go over it in the evenings, it will be such a reinforcement of what they are learning.

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