Friday, October 20, 2006

My First Post Ever

This is a first for me and I feel like I'm venturing into uncharted waters!! As a somewhat private person, the idea of posting my thoughts on the internet is a little scary, but here goes! This is my sweet family here with hubby of 12 years, two great sons (5 & 8) and precious daughter (5 months)! My idea with this blog is to have a site where I can just share some of my random musings like I would with a good friend on my front porch. Some posts will be serious, some not so serious and I hope to just have a lot of fun with it. I figured if I'm on the computer so often reading other people's thoughts, why not post some of my own. I will try to be careful not to spill too much private information, while letting myself ponder a bit as well. Hopefully, through this adventure, I'll be able to corral some of my thoughts and have a neat little journal of this stage of my life. More posts to come in the near future, as I'm able.

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