Friday, October 27, 2006

It's Fall!

I love fall. Even though it usually means the return of certain recurring dreams - either that I can't get my locker open or can't get to class on time - I must have really stressed myself out in school for it to still be affecting me now that I'm 35! Closer to time for midterms or finals, I'll start having the dream that I've just remembered that I have a class that I've forgotten to attend all semester and it's too late to drop it now that it's time for the final exam!

Anyway, back to fall: Growing up in central Florida, I didn't get to really experience it like you do further north, but something about the crisper, dryer air is just refreshing to me. When you live in a humid climate, dry air is something of a blessing indeed. I thought Florida was terribly humid until I moved here where we're surrounded by marsh, and with marsh the pesky stinging no-see-ums gnats that thrive on 60-80 degree temps. The year we lived in Indiana was great in that I got to really see the leaves turn and enjoy the cooler weather of a true fall. Of course, my husband being called to serve in Bosnia for that year with the Army National Guard put a damper on the enjoyment, but, nonetheless, I really like fall. Now that we live in the southeast, fall is something between Florida and Indiana. Not as summerish as Florida, but way less of the vividly beautiful leaves, too. The fact that our oldest son was born in October tends to make this time of year special, also. I'm really enjoying that we've had our first chilly days of the year this week. Who would have thought this Florida girl would like cold weather??

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