Monday, December 11, 2006

It's Chilly This Morning

It's chilly outside today. I'm drinking hot tea this morning in my big Starbucks Kuwait mug (a souvenier Hubby brought back from his 6 month, all expense paid visit there last year courtesy of the US Army). Neither of us like coffee, and I've never even been in a Starbucks (shocking, I know....) but this is my favorite mug - partly because it's large and can hold a lot of tea, and partly because it basically represents 6 months of our married life that we had to endure a separation from each other. Thankfully, Hubby has been home this year.

I was going to put up pictures of the boys in their shepherd costumes from the church Christmas play this past weekend, but none of them turned out very well. And the picture we took of the whole family that was going to go in the Christmas letter (if I ever get it put together - we are fast running out of time. Maybe it will have to be a New Year's letter this year), well, after looking at it, we may just be putting some pictures of the kids in the letter this year. See previous post to understand my feeling like a blob-o'-fat. It just wasn't a good day for picture taking, I guess.

But, here's a nice one from a few days ago:

Apparently we left the timer on the sprinklers and they watered the yard for us one night when the temperature went below freezing. It made for some pretty icicles the next day!

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