Friday, December 22, 2006

A Glimpse At My Day Today

Overheard at my house many, many times today, because being out of school a whole week before Christmas may just be too much of a good thing:

"Stop it!"
"You stop it!"
"I'm telling on you!"
Bang, bump, crash, someone crying.

Thump. That's my head banging on the table because I do not want to hear one more tattle, and I just don't want to know who hit who first or why this time.


Star Wars action figures: $7.00/piece
G.I. Joe figures from their Daddy's childhood collection: Who knows how much they cost, but they were free to me
Card Table: $24.00 from K-Mart
Two boys building a Star Wars-G.I. Joe fort upstairs in their bedroom - two hours and counting of great, getting along fun, Mommy gets the laundry folded and starts in on organizing the playroom. Priceless.

P.S. My friend's husband just called. S. is in labor and at the hospital...I'm waiting to hear once baby is born! I'm so glad she (the baby) is coming before Christmas - that's really what they were hoping for.

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