Friday, December 15, 2006

School's Out, the Countdown Begins!

Great rejoicing in the land - school is over until 2007! The boys are really glad to be out on break. Monk had his big Christmas party today, Tic Tac had his yesterday, and now they are DONE. Whew. Ten whole days with the boys saying, "I wish Christmas was today," still to come. Oh boy!! I think the way we do Christmas can be hard on a little kid. Almost more excitement than they can handle.

Boo is ready for Christmas. I had the stockings hung by the chimney (not with care, mind you but with scotch tape), but the humidity keeps on making the tape lose its stickiness, so they keep falling down. I said before I'm not much of a decorator. And I'm waiting on Hubby to get some extra hooks we can put under the mantle for hanging. Anyway, Boo rolled herself over to the fireplace and I caught her examining her brother's stocking. No, we don't let her roll freely when there's an actual fire in there.

So, with the kids being ready, I guess I am, too. I'm going to try to bake cookies with the boys next week, and, even harder, I'm going to try to let them help without getting too freaked out about the mess. Maybe I'll even take pictures.....

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