Monday, December 18, 2006

A Special Day

Happy anniversary to my sweet Hubby! We've been married 13 years today. I wrote in my Christmas letter that I can't believe we've been married that long. As I was folding the myriad copies I realized how wrong that sounded. I didn't mean that I couldn't believe we've lasted that long, I just meant it doesn't seem possible that 13 years has already flown by!

What a wonderful 13 years it's been. I'm so thankful for my husband. God has sustained us through some good and not as good times. Hubby once figured up how many days we've been apart due to his Army commitments. I don't remember off hand the exact number, but it was a ridiculously high one, anyway. We've weathered his being one year in Germany/Bosnia, two weeks in Guatemala, 6 months in Kuwait/Iraq and numerous in-country duties (one weekend per month, two weeks per year and several months schooling in San Antonio). But God is so faithful, and the times apart have truly made us appreciate more the times together.

God has also granted us peace during the three miscarriages we've suffered. Though I may have felt those losses a little more deeply due to the hormones and trauma, I know Hubby grieved them as well in his own quiet, supportive way. I'm so grateful for the small kindnesses and tendernesses he showed to me during those times, even though I know his heart hurt, too.

And, oh, the blessings we've had! Three especially sweet, special ones - Monk, Tic Tac and Boo. It's a real journey learning to be a parent, and I'm glad to be sharing that journey with this man God joined me with. And we've had lots and lots of laughter along the way, as well. And I'm thankful I can honestly say that I don't remember ever having a serious argument about anything. We've been able to work through things and respect each other and enjoy each other - and he's so patient with my moodiness sometimes. That is a blessing.

Happy anniversary, honey, and I'm looking forward to many more - as long as God gives us breath. I love you, D.

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