Monday, March 31, 2008

Cards in a Drawer

I really should not be blogging right now. I am actually avoiding the spring cleaning/purging of the drawers and closets that must be done. This is one of my least favorite chores. But it must be done. So, I will get back to it soon. I will. I will.

But I had a thought to share. While going through my sock drawer I found three little stacks of cards bound by rubber bands that I had tucked away in the back of the drawer. I had forgotten about those little stacks. I got quite a lump in my throat when I saw them there. They are the cards friends and family sent when we went through each of our miscarriages. I didn’t get much purging done after finding them because I ended up reading those cards and notes and looking at one tiny little ultrasound picture that I had forgotten I saved, and remembering again the kind words and thoughts of all those caring friends and family who sent those cards and notes and reliving the comfort those caring words had brought at the time, and thanking God once again for the bond that Christian brothers and sisters share when we encourage each other.

So, the thought I wanted to write down while it is still fresh is this. If you are thinking of sending an encouraging note to a friend, do it. Don’t just think about it. Send the card. I need to remember to do this more often, too. E-mails are nice, too, but something about real mail that you can hold and read and tuck away for later is special. It means more than you might think. Even if you don’t think you have the right words. It means a lot to know people care.

That’s all. I’m going back to the cleaning and disposing of trash now. But the cards, I keep.

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Lisa writes... said...

I have a file folder labeled "Encouragement"--don't get impressed by the term "file folder"; it is in fact a file folder, but it is not filed but in the middle of a stack of papers and binders and books and whatnot...

Anyway, like you I cherish the words of encouragement sent my way, even via email (I sometimes print those out).

And yes, I need to spring clean and purge in a bad way! Unlike you, I will only say "Maybe I will. Maybe..."

Love ya, friend!