Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Leslie at Lux Venit is very kindly hosting a reading group. This is exciting! The first book we are reading together is The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. Excellent choice, I think. I'm going to continue my recent trend of spilling personal thoughts out here for anyone to read and make a confession to you, my blog readers. I have seen this book reviewed and discussed on many blogs over the past year, and my interest is peaked. My confession, however, is that I am a little apprehensive about reading this one. I know I fall very short on consistently being a godly, excellent wife. I know that I do not think deeply enough or often enough about what it means to be obedient in this area in the daily press of life. This one will be challenging, I think, but I need to be challenged in this area. I want to be faithful to Christ in how I live as a wife, mother, and woman. So, having just finished reading Chapter one, I am praying I will be teachable as I read the biblical principles she discusses in this book and will learn and put into practice what I learn and will be reminded of the things I may already know but need reminding.

Anyone else want to join us? It will be good! Click on the link below and join Leslie's Lux Venit Reading Group. She has links on her blog for purchasing the book - should have mentioned this earlier, but it is not too late to read along.

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