Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thankful For......(Yesterday Afternoon Edition)

*roadside assistance through our insurance company

*A cell phone that works (remind me to keep that battery charged – thankfully, it was)

*In-laws who live close (and that my mother-in-law was home when I called yesterday afternoon) and could come and pick up the kids and the dog while I waited for someone to come change my flat tire (Drew was out of town again. Pretty much can count on these things happening when he’s not here, almost never when he is – that’s just the life of an Army wife, I think.)

*Boo falling asleep in her car seat and sleeping the whole time we waited for Drew’s mom to come and take the kids (and the dog) home while I waited with the car

*That we made it to the gas station on the island before we had to stop for the flat tire (boys had to go to the bathroom….)

*Clear skies for the duration of my flat tire experience (it’s been thunder storming most afternoons, and had been raining earlier in the day)

*Sonic unsweet peach tea (the kids and I had stopped for refreshment before we picked up Oliver from the groomer’s, from where we were in the process of returning home when the tire decided to flatten, which is why he got to enjoy the experience with us)

*Well-behaved children who actually did stop asking questions once I explained that I was trying very hard not to be stressed at the moment and I needed to make some phone calls

*Scrap paper and pen in my purse – I scribbled blog notes while waiting for help to come once the kids were safely on the way home (just so you know how obsessive the blogging impulse can be)

*A spare Bible in the car. I had just started reading when help arrived in the form of the automotive man my roadside assistance sent to help (covered by our insurance, hooray!)

*Time to pray in the gas station parking lot while I waited

*Drew is planning to be home tomorrow afternoon and will be able to deal with getting new tires. Yes, I said tires, plural. When the man changed the front one, he said the back one was going flat, too, and pointed out a defect in it. These are fairly new tires, hopefully still under warranty.

*Drew exercised restraint the other day and did not buy the laptop we’re looking at, deciding it was more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need’ at the moment, at least until our PC dies – which it probably will before long. But I’m glad we don’t have that extra expense now that we’re probably going to be buying two new tires (unless they’re still under warranty…..)

*Air conditioning. It was HOT in that parking lot.

Those are just a few of the things I was thankful for yesterday.


Lisa writes... said...

I am thankful with you!

Carla said...

Although I almost never comment (I'm a horrible commenter and I do apologize) I really enjoy reading your blog and visiting it as well. Content is a blessing but so is that header, especially on a hot summer day like today. I'm so thankful you haven't changed that.

Rebekah said...

Thank you for those kind words, Carla. I go through commenting spurts - sometimes I comment a lot at sites I enjoy, then I may go for months without commenting anywhere, though I still enjoy reading all my favorites (yours is one of those favorites, too!)

Jules at Everyday Mommy designed the header for me a while back. It is refreshing, isn't it?